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software Classic   software Classic : RNOPublisher released
   posted by jPV on 30-Jul-2020 16:20:18 (629 reads)
RNOPublisher is an easy-to-use PDF publishing program. It is made with Hollywood and is available for AROS, MorphOS, OS4, OS3 (RTG), and WarpOS (RTG).

- Supports the most common page sizes in portrait and landscape modes
- Freely placeable text boxes, images, PDF links, and graphical objects
- PDF links can point to document pages or web links
- Supports base fonts that don't affect the file size
- Custom TTF fonts can be embedded into documents
- PDF outlines (table of contents) support
- User creatable page templates
- PDF exporting supports passwords and compression options
- Constrained mouse movement and resizing using qualifier keys
- Additional document saving and loading in its own format
- Drag & drop loading of documents, pictures, and text files

Please visit its homepage for an example PDF file produced with the program and for download links.

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Re: RNOPublisher released
Posted on 2-Aug-2020 10:47:39
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 7-Feb-2004
Posts: 384
From: germany

Whow - what a program . Very useful and shows the power of Hollywood!

X-5000 PPC 5020/2 GHZ, Fractal Define XL R2-Tower, OS 4.1 final pre, 4 GB, Radeon HD 7770, ESI Juli@ XTe
SAM 460ex/1,15 GHZ, OS 4.1 final, 2 GB, Radeon HD 6450
Amiga 4000D/040 25 Mhz, OS 3.9 BB2, 272 MB, X-Surf, 250 MB ZIP

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Re: RNOPublisher released
Posted on 2-Aug-2020 11:02:54
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 9-Mar-2003
Posts: 857
From: United Kingdom

Looks promising !

Does it support data import/ export eg CSV, JSON ?

Eg a CSV with 100 rows of data would create 100 pdf pages, with CSV instructing where the links or different image types go.

Im thinking calendar pages and diaries or tutorials, animated gifs with srt etc .

Download 499.26 Mbps, 659.94 Mbps Upload :)

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Re: RNOPublisher released
Posted on 3-Aug-2020 21:03:46
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Apr-2005
Posts: 699
From: .fi

Does it support data import/ export eg CSV, JSON ?

Page templates are in JSON format and you can create them as many as you want, but you'll have to add new pages manually for now.

Maybe I'll add ARexx support later and let users create automatic scripts that way, but CSV route sounds quite complex with all the options that should be available...

- The wiki based MorphOS Library - Your starting point for MorphOS
- Software made by jPV^RNO

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Re: RNOPublisher released
Posted on 7-Aug-2020 12:37:56
#4 ]
Joined: 18-Dec-2004
Posts: 89
From: Sweden

Very nice!

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