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Software News   Software News : GLMatrix Screensaver Homepage
   posted by Alkemyst on 14-Jan-2004 19:57:25 (1834 reads)
This is a port of the screen saver glmatrix from the xscreensaver package,
done by Shadow of IRIS, aka. Steen Lund Nielsen.

A fast processor
A 3D graphics card
Warp3D V4
AOS 3.5

There are two versions included in the package; one for 68K and one for PPC

Copy the desired version aswell as Matrix3_half2.png to the same directory.
For example 'WBStartup'.

The screen saver runs as a commodity. The preference gui can be accessed
through commodity exchange or by running the program twice.

The GUI is rather simple:
Timeout: The period in seconds it waits before blanking the screen.

Density: Adjusts how many columns of symbols are dropped from the top down.
For '060 I have found a value between 10-20 to achieve acceptable frame rates
For PPC a density of ~50 is quite possible.

Speed: Adjusts the animation speed.

Encoding: Selects different symbols.

Screen Size: Selects a screen size.

Fog: Enable/Disable distance cueing.

Wave: Enable/Disable waving of symbols.

Rotate: Enable/Disable camera rotation.

Invert alpha: Inverts the alpha channel of the texture. Enable this if you are
using a B/CVisionPPC or CV3D.

Future Work:

- Program the ReAction gui instead of using ReActor

- Port to AOS4, have to make sure that StormC does not automatically open some
libraries for me

- Port to MOS ??


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Re: New GLMatrix Screensaver
Posted on 14-Jan-2004 20:37:45
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 118
From: Copenhagen


This is *not* a new version of glmatrix for the amiga, this is the same version as I posted to AW in November, it has just gotten an official website now

A new version will be available for OS4 as soon as I get my prerelease version and the SDK.

 Status: Offline
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Re: New GLMatrix Screensaver
Posted on 15-Jan-2004 1:46:55
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Jan-2003
Posts: 3270
From: Charlotte, NC

A new version will be available for OS4 as soon as I get my prerelease version and the SDK.

That would make a cool addition for the OS4 Contributions drawer.

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Re: New GLMatrix Screensaver
Posted on 15-Jan-2004 12:28:44
# ]

Godt arbejde knægt!

It runs really well on my lowly 175MHz 603e. It looked much better after fiddling around with the settings for a while though.

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Re: GLMatrix Screensaver Homepage
Posted on 16-Jan-2004 8:43:59
#4 ]
OS4 Core Developer
Joined: 14-Jul-2003
Posts: 3999
From: Unknown

- Port to AOS4, have to make sure that StormC does not automatically open some
libraries for me

You can still use the auto-open feature under AmigaOS 4.0

Seriously, if you want to contact me do not bother sending me a PM here. Write me a mail

 Status: Offline
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