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News   News : Sponsor A Programmer Mailing List
   posted by Anonymous on 10-Mar-2004 17:48:18 (2092 reads)
The mailing list has been set up with the kind permission of Reflect. Please join if you wish to contribute in any way as a contributer, organiser or a reseller of hardware or a tester or even an affiliate programme, a programmer in need with a business case or a useful contact or with your own ideas.

Sign up here:

Sponsor A Programmer Subscribe

If you want to read up on what this is about and where it originated, go here:

Original post:

How about we provide A1 and AOS4 combinations to poverty stricken but talented developers/developer houses with a proven track record?


1. Premium sponsorship - pay for an entire system outright to be shipped to an accredited developer. Name is cited on whatever that developer produces in thanks, and mention on support site. No guarantee of return.

2. Loaner sponsorship - pay for an entire system to be put on loan for a fixed period, developer has to report status and must return system at end of fixed period to be put out on loan for another developer.

3. Contributory sponsorship - group together to buy a system for the scheme ( paypal account ). Similar options to (1) and (2).


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Re: Sponsor A Programmer Mailing List
Posted on 10-Mar-2004 17:58:30
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1224
From: Midlands, UK

Good idea But is this seperate to or the same as the sponsership program announced?


 Status: Offline
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Re: Sponsor A Programmer Mailing List
Posted on 10-Mar-2004 18:04:30
# ]

Seperate from at the moment, see the sponsor a programmer thread.

If AmigaShare does everything we want of it, then no reason not to join forces, at the moment this will be to discuss what ideas people have and try to put them into practise one way or another.

If you read this: you will catch up on where we are.

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Re: Sponsor A Programmer Mailing List
Posted on 10-Mar-2004 23:51:13
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 11-Mar-2003
Posts: 177
From: Adelaide, Australia

For now its seperate, AmigaShare's origanal idea was just Sponsoring/Bounty for application development just like amizilla, but with multiple projects on the go. Also the ability for people to be in control of their donations, which includes refunding donations.

It seems logical to me that if we have the processes(we have full ecommerce gateways setup) inplace for the above, that the programmer sponsership is just the same implementation with a few tweaks.

As I have said many times b4 we want the community to shape these concepts and provide us with feedback. So we are happy if agreed upon by the community to take all of the following comments and suggestions and implement it the way the community wants.

[Edit] I have also subscribed to the maillist so feel free to ask me as many questions as you want relating to this project.

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