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Software News   Software News : Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
   posted by Crisot on 28-Dec-2004 17:35:23 (3315 reads)
Hyperview is a very small and very fast picture viewer.

It was done to be used as default tool for pictures, instead of Multiview. You have to edit your deficons to use it, see "readme" in archive, to install it.

It is fast, can rotate, zoom, change aspect ratio very easy with keyboard.

Hyperview will NEVER allow you to modify / save pictures, it's just a "default viewer", please read the "readme" about this.

Download Hyperview v0.11 (12 KB)

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 18:39:38
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 18-Dec-2002
Posts: 5647
From: Italy

Tried it a minute ago! I edited only one jpg icon to test it. It is very fast, zoom, rotate hotkeys in the numpad are very intuitive. Well done.


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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 18:44:33
# ]

And why is this not on OS4Depot ? :)


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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 19:38:25
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1062
From: Merrie Olde England

Hyperview is very useful for full-screen viewing, but I usually prefer to open a window on Workbench. Could you add this as an option please?

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 19:52:33
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-May-2003
Posts: 2959
From: Auckland, New Zealand

hey can you guys make some more demos?? universe was cool.. I loved it. need more.. MORE... MORE!@)(#!@()#)!@@

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 20:13:34
#5 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 8042

jahc:a small hint... universe is the name of the group! was the name of the demo

crisot:cool #### man....gonna use this in the future for sure

See my blog and collection website! .

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 20:15:13
#6 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 4-Apr-2003
Posts: 203
From: The Netherlands

OMG...the Hyperview file is only 21KB unpacked! Good job

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 28-Dec-2004 22:28:54
#7 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 14-Jun-2003
Posts: 213
From: Danmark

nice, but would be nicer if possible to have it in a wbscreen ;)

and...option to show next picture in dir with keypad???

0 % Amiga.

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 29-Dec-2004 8:09:43
#8 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 17-Sep-2003
Posts: 3427
From: Lyon, France

Well, "Save" can be done in IFF only. Viewtek had this option. It's really easy to do. Do you want the code for that ?

Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci
Sam460 1.10 Ghz
AmigaOS 4 betatester
Amiga Translator Organisation

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 29-Dec-2004 8:32:46
#9 ]
Joined: 28-Jun-2004
Posts: 74
From: Lorient, Brittany, France

Yes, ability to save rotated/redim pictures would be really useful.

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 29-Dec-2004 22:16:18
#10 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-May-2003
Posts: 4233
From: Sweden


I tried loading a large backdrop picture, but my monitor was of course way to slow to make it possible for me to see the speed of the Hyperview. Anyway I tried the numpad for navigation and found the rotate keys! The effect stunned me and then made me laugh out load Cool!!!

It would be nice if it was possible to force a screenmode (the same as Workbench for example) to avoid the monitor resync. Because with a 1-2sec monitor resync, as all monitors past '96 have, the speed of the viewer is irrelevant :(

- Don't get fooled by my avatar, I'm not like that (anymore, mostly... maybe only sometimes)
> Amiga Classic and OS4 developer for OnyxSoft.

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Re: Hyperview 0.11 for AmigaOs 4
Posted on 5-Feb-2007 14:31:44
#11 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 18-Feb-2004
Posts: 540
From: Eldorado, ON

Where did it go? I have tried Depot and Aminet and google. Sounded good I would like to try it.
John Paul

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