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Miscellaneous News   Miscellaneous News : IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
   posted by GadgetMaster on 11-Jan-2005 22:36:05 (2682 reads)
IBM Pledges 500 U.S. Patents To Open Source In Support Of Innovation And Open Standards

ARMONK, N.Y., January 11, 2005 - IBM today pledged open access to key innovations covered by 500 IBM software patents to individuals and groups working on open source software. IBM believes this is the largest pledge ever of patents of any kind and represents a major shift in the way IBM manages and deploys its intellectual property (IP) portfolio.

The pledge is applicable to any individual, community, or company working on or using software that meets the Open Source Initiative (OSI) definition of open source software now or in the future.

To find out which patents are covered :

Read Press Release Here

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 11-Jan-2005 23:16:07
#1 ]
Team Member
Joined: 31-Jul-2003
Posts: 11694
From: Kristianstad, Sweden

Way to go!

Site admins are people too..pooff!

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 11-Jan-2005 23:20:44
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 22-Nov-2003
Posts: 1962
From: Birmingham, England

What a nice gesture


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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 0:18:23
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 11-Mar-2003
Posts: 1342
From: Göteborg, Sweden

I wonder if there is any PPC stuff that could be of some use for Mai and Eyetech and whoever?

Too bad VIA couldn't do something like this for some of their old "bug ridden" chipsets!

Fixed A1G4XE 7455 RX933PC with fried CPU
Sapphire Radeon 9100 128mb
ESI Juli@ 24bit 192kHz Envy24HT
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SeaGate Barracuda 120gb 8mb cache

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 6:35:56
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 19-Oct-2003
Posts: 534
From: Unknown

LOL! If IBM really wanted to support innovation they'd lobby for the abolition of software patents.


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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 8:35:07
#5 ]
New Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2005
Posts: 8
From: Lund

Agreed, this is just bs.

If you have nuclear weapons and promise not to use them on me, does it turn nuclear weapons into something good? Certainly not, nuclear weapons will still be bad for everybody. The same goes for software patents.

Some links:

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 8:53:38
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 26-Dec-2002
Posts: 603
From: TrustVille

Seen the sub-heading in their press release?

IBM Receives Most U.S. Patents For Twelfth Year In A Row

The amount of patents they hold makes 500 seem like a drop in the ocean.

Anyway, I guess the real question is are these (royalty free) patents of any use to anyone?

Trust me. I'm a doctor.

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 10:48:41
#7 ]
Super Member
Joined: 10-Apr-2003
Posts: 1161
From: Norrköping, Sweden


I don't think it's bs. As a U.S. corporation, they *have to* protect whatever ideas they come up with before another company does it, making them unable to ever make use of the idea. It's not their fault, they're simply following the rules set by the U.S. government. So, considering that they are not in a position to change the U.S. corporate laws and regulations, it's a great initiative that one can only hope that more U.S. corporations will follow. It would of course be even better if the U.S. government would finally reform their patent registration laws, but until then; thank you IBM!

Sammy Nordström, A.K.A. "Samface" - The Non-Commercial Network of Digital Arts.

Samworks D & C - Professional Web Development (in Swedish)

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 12:08:39
#8 ]
New Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2005
Posts: 8
From: Lund

Well you got a point there...

But it will certainly not happend tomorrow that companies in the patent-mafia will argue for a healthy reformation of the patent system (unfortunately).

Last edited by hagar on 12-Jan-2005 at 12:09 PM.

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 13:47:39
# ]

None of these on this list will be considered HVA patents.

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 12-Jan-2005 22:33:07
#10 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 27-Apr-2003
Posts: 835
From: Farther upstate than Upstate NY

Darn! I didn't see OS/VS on there anywhere!

I especially liked this last part of the pdf that lists all the patents:
In order to foster innovation and avoid the possibility that a party will take advantage of this pledge and then assert patents or other intellectual property rights of its own against Open Source Software, thereby limiting the freedom of IBM or any other Open Source Software developer to create innovative software programs, or the freedom of others to distribute and use Open Source Software, the commitment not to assert any of these 500 U.S. patents and all counterparts of these patents issued in other countries is irrevocable except that IBM reserves the right to terminate this patent pledge and commitment only with regard to any party who files a lawsuit asserting patents or other intellectual property rights against Open Source Software

IOW: We're giving this stuff to OSS. Anyone we deal with who tries to use their own patents against OSS is gonna have to answer to us! Don't mess with the 500K Kg (Mg?) gorilla!

Tony T.

People who generalize are always wrong.

1989 - 500 / 1991 - 3000 / 1997 - Genesis Flyer 1200T / 2003 - A1XE

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 14-Jan-2005 1:06:39
#11 ]
Joined: 17-Feb-2004
Posts: 91
From: Australia

It's a nice gesture, however I work in Patents and I am willing to bet that half of those 500 patents wouldn't hold up in court.

The other half are probably for fanciful, theoretical inventions which are darn near impossible to enforce.

It's a marketing gimmick, no more.

If IBM were serious about supporting open source software they would give out free licenses to open source developers to use all patents. I can't see any open source developers searching through the 500 patents to see what they can use.

Come on, IBM is the company which used to publish "Technical Disclosure Journals" where its employees published any mediocre idea that popped in their head, just to prevent other people patenting it.

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Re: IBM Pledges to free 500 U.S. Patents
Posted on 16-Nov-2012 15:17:06
# ]

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