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Software News   Software News : A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
   posted by MikeB on 12-Feb-2005 9:28:00 (2475 reads)
A2PS 4.13 has been ported to AmigaOS4 by Erik Kristiansson. A2PS stands for "Any 2 Postscript" and can convert anything to postscript (as long as you have the right tools). A2PS is distributed according to the GNU General Public License. Look here for A2PSGUI screenshots.

A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4 Homepage

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Re: A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
Posted on 12-Feb-2005 10:30:32
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Apr-2003
Posts: 1034
From: Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey, nice!

Actually, I once made a few modifications to a2ps myself, which I'm using daily on my own system and almost forgot about. I should probably have another look at them and see if they would be worth having included in Erik's port -- and GUI.

One of them was an option to override the "Page" literal for the page header, which makes it possible to use your own language ("Side" is my choice ).

Best regards,


Last edited by nbache on 12-Feb-2005 at 10:31 AM.

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Re: A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
Posted on 12-Feb-2005 11:43:10
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 8042

good to see its out!...

See my blog and collection website! .

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Re: A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
Posted on 12-Feb-2005 12:07:42
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 31-Jul-2003
Posts: 178
From: Falköping, Sweden

Brilliant work m8.

This year only get better and better it seems.

Life is fragile enough, why use windows on top of that?

-Good Gurus Always Meditate

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Re: A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
Posted on 12-Feb-2005 18:57:36
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 9-Jun-2004
Posts: 12850
From: Norway

Nice looking thing.... yes i like it.

Facebook::LiveForIt Software for AmigaOS

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Re: A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
Posted on 12-Feb-2005 22:47:38
#5 ]
Joined: 29-Jun-2003
Posts: 33
From: Unknown


Sounds very interesting. Have you talked to the A2PS maintainers about it? It would probably be better in a future perspective if it was added to the a2ps code and not just to my port.


The version that is on os4depot has printing support turned off. The reason for this that I dont have a PS printer myself so I cant test my code. Therefore I'm looking for people that have a parallell PS-printer connected to their A1 and that want to help me test some stuff. Send me a mail if you are interested.

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Re: A2PS & A2PSGUI for AmigaOS4
Posted on 14-Feb-2005 13:03:32
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Jun-2003
Posts: 947
From: space

I have HPLaserJet 4MPlus attached to my 68k Amiga at home in other town, so if you want you can send me to test it.

nykk | | | gfx.river |

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