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Software News   Software News : WookieChat 1.7 released
   posted by jahc on 5-Aug-2005 9:19:18 (3299 reads)
A new version of WookieChat is now available. Download it from: or

* What does this program do?

It allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat networks (IRC!) and chat with other users in a text medium in real-time. Some of the server groups are preconfigured to join an Amiga chat channel upon sucessful connection.

* Release notes

This is just a minor release, with lots of little things improved.
There is some documentation now to help explain WookieChat commands, and hopefully make the program easier to understand for people new to IRC.

* Changes 1.7

- Automatic log reloading bug fixed. Wasnt displaying the last line if the log had less lines than your "amount of lines to reload" setting
- New "global query tab" to display all private messages in, that dont already have their own tab.
- In the server selection window, clicking on a server group and trying to connect to it will no longer give an error, it will now expand the server group tree showing a list of actual servers in that group.
- Changed internal limit of 400 nicks per channel to 2500, so joining a channel with more than 400 users wont crash anymore
- Moved the "Perform on Connect" button to the Server window and made it work better. You can choose any server entry click "Perform on Connect" and it will edit the script for that group
- File Transfers that have been aborted by the other person/not by you will show up as "Incomplete" now.
- Channel keyword text field now displays dots instead of text for better security
- Your own "chat history" in the string gadget (that is accessed with cursor up/down) works properly now.
- Support for CTCP TIME requests, so other users can find out your local date and time
- The time the channel topic was last changed is now displayed in the "topic set by/last changed" line
- Added "Quit Program? Yes/No" Requester to avoid accidental exiting
- "/names" command fixed to be able to get lists of users in channels you're not currently in

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Re: WookieChat 1.7 released
Posted on 5-Aug-2005 10:23:50
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 7629
From: ..Pederburgh .. Iceni



I dont suffer from Insanity - I enjoy it


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Re: WookieChat 1.7 released
Posted on 5-Aug-2005 10:47:50
# ]

Heh, check out what happens when you make the About-window larger. Tidy.

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Re: WookieChat 1.7 released
Posted on 5-Aug-2005 20:30:49
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 29-Mar-2004
Posts: 1812
From: a place & time long long ago, when things mattered.


quote]Excellent [/quote]

I like the way Jahc keeps upgrading his sw.

"The system no longer works " -- Young Anakin Skywalker

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Re: WookieChat 1.7 released
Posted on 6-Aug-2005 1:43:33
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 29-Nov-2004
Posts: 8554

Good job Jahc!

Where's the donations link?

Last edited by wegster on 06-Aug-2005 at 01:43 AM.

Are we not done with the same silly arguments and flames yet??!

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