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Miscellaneous News   Miscellaneous News : Bonus Commodore Chapter Now Available
   posted by elatour on 14-Jul-2006 1:02:12 (1958 reads)
I just got this e-mail from Variant Press, the publisher of the excellent book "On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore".

I hope you've enjoyed reading "On the Edge". This email is to inform you that the first bonus chapter is now available freely online. This chapter fits somewhere between Chapter One and Chapter Two, right after the 6502 development and before the Commodore acquisition. The content includes the early development computers by MOS Technology (and later Commodore) and the beginning of the personal software industry. You can download the chapter from in the bonus section.

Readers of "On the Edge" can also benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on the brand new Amiga Forever 2006. The DVD set that is part of the Premium Edition of Amiga Forever has some incredible footage from the early Amiga days. To take advantage of this offer, which applies to all editions of Amiga Forever, order from before July 31st, 2006, and enter "SUPPLIEDCODE" in the Discount Coupon field of the order form.

Variant Press

If you haven't yet ordered and read this excellent book, do yourself a favour buy it, register with Variant Press and enjoy a great read! BTW: I obviously did not supply the discount code I was given in the e-mail, but you might be able to get one if you order now and register with the site if you're so inclined.


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Re: Bonus Commodore Chapter Now Available
Posted on 14-Jul-2006 15:21:08
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2003
Posts: 2440
From: Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, UK, Europe, Earth, The Milky Way, The Universe

Cool... a really nice extra chapter.

If anyone STILL hasn't bought the book, the rest is just as interesting and well written

Playstation Network ID: xeron6

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Re: Bonus Commodore Chapter Now Available
Posted on 14-Jul-2006 21:53:45
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 10-Feb-2004
Posts: 166
From: Sussex, United Kingdom

Yes, this book's a fantastic read, and shows a real insight into the early years of home computing!

"Do or do not - there is no try."
AmigaOne XE G4 - 1GB RAM, UDMA133 200GB HDDx2, Sil
680 PCI, Radeon, Soundblaster Live . . .

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Re: Bonus Commodore Chapter Now Available
Posted on 15-Jul-2006 10:35:31
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 20-Dec-2003
Posts: 215
From: Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

An interesting chapter.

Not as good as some of the ones in the book... but well worth reading.

It's much more interesting after you've read the book though.

You start to understand where the Amiga engineers were coming from.

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Re: Bonus Commodore Chapter Now Available
Posted on 16-Jul-2006 10:30:41
#4 ]
Amiga Kit
Joined: 28-Jun-2004
Posts: 2492

There is no need to miss out on this deal as we are running a bundle option deal at the moment.

If you buy the On the Edge Commodore Book from us, select bundle deal and you can buy the new Amiga Forever 2006 Premium Edition for 10% discounted price

Amiga Kit Amiga Store
Links: | New Products | A600GS

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Re: Bonus Commodore Chapter Now Available
Posted on 16-Jul-2006 16:31:40
#5 ]
Super Member
Joined: 29-Apr-2005
Posts: 1991
From: UK

I notice that on page 211 there is mention that the Uk production of the Vic 20 started in "Cornby", sigh...

Duh, I think they mean "Corby"

they should pulp the whole production run for that!

Rage quited 29th May 2011

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