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Miscellaneous News   Miscellaneous News : Bounty: Internet Browser for AROS
   posted by Donar on 19-Mar-2007 19:12:09 (2820 reads)
Bounty #49 for an AROS Internet Browser has be opened.

In short: Port a "modern" (many bells and whistles) html rendering engine to aros, and make it usable with a small Browser that is based on AROS Zune.

Click read more;

For more detailed info see here: Bounty 49 Internet Browser for AROS

If you consider re- directing funds from one of the two existing browser bounty's feel free to do so.

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Re: Bounty: Internet Browser for AROS
Posted on 19-Mar-2007 19:49:07
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 21-Nov-2003
Posts: 895
From: San remo -Italy-

Is it possible to port Sputnik even on AROS and OS 3.x ?.. so all the AMIGA SYSTEM use the same browser..


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Re: Bounty: Internet Browser for AROS
Posted on 19-Mar-2007 20:23:46
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 2917
From: Figueira da Foz - Portugal

It should be, if the author wants or not is another matter... Both AROS and OS3.x lacks MUI 4, amongst others libs the author take granted for on MorphOS.

But don't forget, if this browser indeed materializes, it will be fully open and could be easily ported to Am*ga platform, which makes it IMO the best bounty of all...

Last edited by pixie on 19-Mar-2007 at 08:24 PM.

Indigo 3D Lounge, my second home.
The Illusion of Choice | Am*ga

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Re: Bounty: Internet Browser for AROS
Posted on 19-Mar-2007 20:45:20
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 13-Feb-2003
Posts: 3502
From: Italy, Perugia


But please don't start with a new project from scratch !!!

Use Paihia/AWeb/Voyager/IBrowse/Add another Amiga existent code, but please NOT A NEW PROJECT again ...


Sam440ep Flex 800 Mhz 1 GB Ram + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6
AmigaOne XE G3 800 Mhz - 640 MB Ram - Radeon 9200 SE + AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6

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Re: Bounty: Internet Browser for AROS
Posted on 19-Mar-2007 22:00:00
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 12-Nov-2006
Posts: 117
From: Germany

The "problem" with Sputnik is, that it is partly closed source and can not be goal of this bounty, unless full source is released with the AROS release...

Pahia is not a fully working engine to my understanding. AWeb lacks the features requested (Some of the open source AWeb team seems to think about going KHTML too...), and seems to need (on AROS) non existing class act. IBrowse is closed source and can not be improved from "outsiders". Voyager: Don't know-abandoned closed source? Nobody can improve it (properly) without source. You do not want to patch the executable in ASM...

That's a reason for going the open source road, if the developer looses interest you are not left out alone in the cold. You don't get the situation where the code is there, but locked up and gathering dust.

It is stated that a existent (linux) engine should be ported (so not an effort from scratch like Pahia), and that a _small_ Zune (AROS equivalent for MUI, also availabel for OS 3.x thanks to AfA OS) browser should be created for it (so no code monster port - like Mozilla is) . One of the goals is, to turn the engine into an .mcc (or something). If you feel like it (and are capable), you can port the engine and it could be used in IBrowse...

Hopefully the _small_ browser could grow better than IBrowse with time...


Last edited by Donar on 19-Mar-2007 at 10:15 PM.

<- Amiga 1260 / CD ->
Looking for:
A1200/CF CFV4/@200,256MB,eAGA,SATA,120GB,AROS

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Re: Bounty: Internet Browser for AROS
Posted on 21-Mar-2007 15:50:15
#5 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 25-Jul-2003
Posts: 4286
From: Unknown

This is good news.. Is about time that Aros get more usable and this will indeed help alot.

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