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Software News   Software News : Phonolith Software Sampler version 0.7 available
   posted by Timo on 30-Jun-2007 12:45:03 (2016 reads)
Phonolith is a software instrument, which plays sampled waveforms. It's usable with Horny and other CAMD based sequencers, or just a connected MIDI keyboard.

read more

New in this release:
- some tools in the instrument window for simplier instrument creation
- panning for every mixer channel
- application.library support
- finally a working "Save" button for settings and window positions


- AmigaOS 4.x
- camd.library 50.4

Features (Version 0.7)

- downmixing to AIFF file (not for lite version)
- receives MIDI notes through camd.library
- mixer unit with volume/panning controls and peak meters
- 16 different instruments at once
- ADSR amp envelope for each instrument
- unlimited number of samples for each instrument, for key and velocity ranges
- supports AIFF and WAVE sample format (only 16 bit)
- imports Logic EXS24 instruments (PPC and Intel format)
- ReAction GUI
- application.library support (for saving settings and registering Phonolith as application)

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Re: Phonolith Software Sampler version 0.7 available
Posted on 30-Jun-2007 20:14:10
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Jun-2004
Posts: 5009
From: Sweden

Nice work Timo ;)

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Re: Phonolith Software Sampler version 0.7 available
Posted on 1-Jul-2007 2:55:45
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 2-Feb-2004
Posts: 1246
From: Pennsylvania, USA

Looks good and has potential. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have been thoroughly beta tested. I only tried for 10 minutes to crash this with the following results:

Crashes if application.library is not installed.

Prefs freeze if camd.library is not installed.

Program will close (Click close gadget) when the
prefs window is frozen and crash the system.

When the System partition is write protected (lock DH0: on pwd);
starting, canceling the Dos requester and quitting will cause
IBrowse to freeze if it is opened next.

There are no prefs to prevent the program from forcing inself into
AmiDock. This is a must. Imagine what your WorkBench will look like
if every program forces itself into AmiDock with no user control. The
entire WorkBench window could become one big dock.

I have my WorkBench window and Amidock set up to look the way I want.
I don't need some program forcing it's big icon into AmiDock and
messing up the appearance of my system. One of the great things
about Amiga is user control of operation and appearance.

X1000 with 2GB memory & OS4.1FE

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Re: Phonolith Software Sampler version 0.7 available
Posted on 1-Jul-2007 12:25:05
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 28-Feb-2005
Posts: 119
From: Germany, Berlin


That's why it's called "alpha" But thank you for your suggestions!

Of course, it should not crash, if some libraries are missing. But I wonder, why an OS4 installation should have no application.library?

It's a good idea to add a setting for AmiDock icons, but the problems you talk about (ugly layout of AmiDock) is a problem of itself. Application.library and AmiDock offer the first time on Amiga an easy way of bringing applications to front. If more apps would use this feature (which would be very helpful), the author of AmiDock perhaps would notice AmiDocks problem (or someone other would create an alternative Dock). I think, it should be solved as MacOS X did it: reusing already existing icons in the Dock and scaling, if there is not enough space. I really don't like Docks with more than one row/column.

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Re: Phonolith Software Sampler version 0.7 available
Posted on 1-Jul-2007 16:54:08
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 2-Feb-2004
Posts: 1246
From: Pennsylvania, USA

I guess I was a little over critical but I am getting really irritated at the loss of control of the appearance of my WorkBench and with programs that write to my system partition without my permission. I'm a long time Amiga user and have always operated with my system partition write protected (lock dh0: on password). Bad installers can't replace libs and files by accident and malicious commands can't be installed on my SYS: partition without my knowledge. I have WorkBench menus set up to unlock my SYS: partition when I want to save some prefs etc. and relock it when I'm done saving.

Since it's actually application.library that's doing the disk writing I suppose the fault lies with the application.library authors for not including any prefs to control when and where the library writes to disk. As far as the dock icon goes, could you give the user some prefs control over that. Those who want that can activate it and those of us who don't can disable it. Since you state that you prefer a single row dock, you would lose the ability to keep it that way if all new OS4 apps add an icon like yours now does. If you want to see how that will look, try running 20 copies of your program. I tried it and my dock grew to 2 rows and looked really ugly. I'm not really sure what advantage there is to putting the icon in the dock instead of on the WorkBench screen. After I have enough windows open on WorkBench, I still have to move windows to bring it to the front before clicking an icon on it.

Actually, I don't know why we need a dock. You can set WorkBench to use a normal window instead of a backdrop. All icons, including appicons, are available on the WorkBench window and could be used to bring an app to the front just like the dock.

Don't take my criticism too seriously. Keep up the good work but try to give the user as much prefs control as possible.

X1000 with 2GB memory & OS4.1FE

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