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Software News   Software News : AmigaSYS 3 Plus Released!
   posted by Dary on 6-Aug-2007 14:41:48 (4153 reads)
AmigaSYS 3 Plus Released

more info :

Feature List

(read on)

The followings are translated into three languages (HU,ENG,DE)

- Easy installation with multiple options 3.0/3.1.
- Installation in three languages 3.0-3.9
- Better hungarian, english and german localization of the installers 3.0-3.9.
- Amiga OS 3.9 installers (Os3.9, Amiga Forever , Amithlon, OSXL).
- Appmenu Tools.
- Help files.
- About menu.
- All themes.
- Theme installers.
- Theme Saver.
- Amistart
- All AmigaSYS Scripts
- Cd-mount
- Theme select
- PostED
- No Startup Boot
- Upgrade
- Etc...

The language can be set while installing (3.0/3.1) by selecting system language.

AmigaSYS 3 Plus Installer :

- Completely rewritten 3.0/3.1 installer
- Easy installation with multiple options (HUN,DE,ENG,AmigaForever Installer, Kickstart check )
- Ability to install without the Extras disk (for Amiga Forever users).
- Choice of system language: Hungarian, English, German
- Keyboard layout selection (Hun,Eng,De)
- Resolution selection (Low-VeryHigh 800,1024,1152,1280.)
- 262144 color intro images.
- 262144 color outro images - project contributors and partners.
- The music from WOC92 by Sanity is played during installation
- Status display during installation (%).
- Lots of features, 3-4 times as fast as the previous version!

Amiga OS 3.0/3.1 :

- Brand new formated hdf
- New, cleaned up system with only the necessary components.
- Systems scripts rewritten from scratch for better, faster executions.
- New look, new images, new fonts.
- Completely rewritten Amiga Os 3.9 installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amiga Os XL installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amigathlon installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amiga Forever 6,2005,2006 installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- Completely rewritten Amiga Forever 6,2005,2006 online installer,2 to 3 times as fast as the previous version!
- New, higher quality installer images.
- Theme selection during installation of 3.9.
- Resolution selection during installation of 3.9.
- The emulators, players and games icons bring up menus for faster access to the built-in programs.
- Icon verification (tool, etc).
- Rewritten help files, now placed in the System:Readme directory.
- New about , new graphics, new menus.
- IBrowse configuration converted to version 2.4.
- AmigaAMP plugins detection fixed.
- Some AmigaAMP skins deleted, and compressed into format JPG.
- Some AMR skins deleted.
- New filemaster configuration with useful features.
- Fixed Bareed GLOW icon bug.
- Fixed bareed configuration bug.
- Introduced amigasys-startup and amigasys-user.
- Fixed appmenu configuration bug.
- Fixed IBrowse configuration bugs.
- HOL Game Database added in IBrowse.
- Fixed GACB URL in IBrowsba
- Fixed Packmaster configuration, (Appicon, default extract = ram)
- Fixed font encoding problem in limpidclock.
- Improved German and Hungarian keyboard layout.
- New MCP configuration.
- Fixed FTP mount configuration.
- Faulty icons no longer appear after the installation of amiga forever.
- Added PowerWB (3.0/3.1 only).
- Added toolmanager, works in all resolutions (3.0,3.1,3.9 RetroSYS).
- Ten Toolmanager Icon for menu , CD mount, Players, games, Emulators , Bareed , packmaster , ppaint, ibrowse, yam , wookiechat.
- TinyMeter added; configured to display chipram, fastram, and system dh0 usage(3.0/3.1 Ús 3.9 RetroSYS).

Amiga OS 3.9 :

- New theme: BLUE
- New theme options.
- New, cleaned up Themes with only the necessary components.
- Preview images from theme while installing.
- Evry theme can change resoulition.
- Themes dont contain configuration files.
- Icon problems have been debuged in themes.
- Theme saving feature has been added, make your own theme and share it with your friends or AmigaSYS Team.
- If you create your own theme background image should be in presets/AmigaSYS/theme directory, it may be anywhere but this is the default directory.
- Wbstartup problems fixed at theme saving.
- All actual settings will be saved at theme saving.
- Fixed def icons bugs in all themes with Amiga OS 3.9 installed.
- Def icons bugs have been fixed in all themes with Amiga Os 3.9 , Amiga Forever , Amiga OS XL , Amithlon install.
- RetroSYS theme actualized (tinymeter , toolmanager)
- Themechanging fixed , only RetroSYS has TinyMeter and Toolmanager just like in 3.1.
- Fixed font encoding problem in limpidclock all themes.
- Def icons supported after installing Amiga Forever.
- Amiga Forever has no Unarc , Editpad, def icons use Packmaster and BareEd is default program.
- New Amistart configuration.
- New Amistart background, logo, etc.
- We had problems with emptying Trashcan , fixed.

lots of fixes,and all 3.0/3.1 fixes and features!

Programs :

- New Mui Class's
- Librarys
- Datatypes
- AmigaAMP
- Bareed
- PowerWB
- Tinymeter
- Toolmanager
- Amiga Spectrum Emu
- WormWars
- Wookiechat.

Deleted programs :

- Amirc, to replace Wookiechat free and very good.
- Songplayer.
- Flamingo Plus 4 emulator.

AmigaSYS 3 Plus OS Support :

- Amiga OS 3.0
- Amiga OS 3.1
- Amiga OS 3.1 Amiga Forever version
- H&P Amiga Os 3.9 series
- Amiga Forever 6 CD (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 6 Online edition (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 6 Installed (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2005 CD (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2005 Premium edition (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2005 Online edition only installed! (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2006 CD (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2006 Premium edition (3.9).
- Amiga Forever 2006 Online edition only installed! (3.9).
- AmigaOS XL Amithlon CD. (3.9).

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Re: AmigaSYS 3 Plus Released!
Posted on 10-Aug-2007 12:29:18
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 18-Mar-2003
Posts: 331
From: London UK


I can only find the exe download, where is the 68k lha download please.

Or am i being stupid here and missing something that is in front of my eyes?


Enjoy life,use Amiga

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supereva it
Posted on 23-Aug-2007 3:57:33
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 15-Aug-2007
Posts: 124
From: Unknown

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