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Hardware News   Hardware News : ACube Systems' Minimig price announcement
   posted by Lecta on 29-Dec-2007 20:50:09 (12415 reads)
Acube Systems has just announced the retail price of their upcoming batch of Minimigs.

From their web page:
Minimig price announced

Bassano del Grappa, Italy - 29 december 2007
ACube Systems is pleased to present the perfect companion for your emulation fever: Minimig v. 1.1.

The Minimig will be available starting from mid-January at a retail price starting from EUR 138,00 (plus local taxes and shipping costs).


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Re: ACube Systems' Minimig price announcement
Posted on 31-Dec-2007 17:34:47
#81 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 25-Oct-2003
Posts: 594
From: Lelystad, The Netherlands

I prefer SD too (over MMC).

What surprises me is that the MiniMig is displayed with what looks like a SD card.
I would say that's definitely the SD logo on that memory card.

I did some research and SD and MMC are pin compatible (Wikipedia). MMC is slightly thinner, but they also mention that sometimes you can stick MMC into SD slots. So does it also work the other way around? Of course this could only work if the MMC slot has some room to fit the SD.

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Re: ACube Systems' Minimig price announcement
Posted on 31-Dec-2007 17:42:47
#82 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 25-Oct-2003
Posts: 594
From: Lelystad, The Netherlands

Excuse my electric ignorance but isn't 500ma too much for a device which needs 100ma? Any chance of damaging it or does that occur only if you give it more volts? For example device needs 5 volts you give it 12v and device dies?

The 500 mA is the max rating. Let's just say any device that asks for more won't get it (or your USB port might get fried, I have seen that kind of behaviour with some older laptops).

If the USB device ask for less Ampere, the USB port will output less Ampere. So let just say Volt is fixed, Ampere is variable between 0 and the max rating.

And yes, if you screw up with the voltages, you can kill your equipment.

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Re: ACube Systems' Minimig price announcement
Posted on 10-Jan-2008 14:52:42
#83 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Sep-2005
Posts: 4499
From: Quattro Stelle

Does anyone here have a minimig?

How much heat does it create?

1) A lot
2) Not enough to worry like with the A500
3) Absolutely minimal amount of heat

and does it need a metal shield like the original Amigas 500, 600 and 1200.

Thank you!


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