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Software News   Software News : AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon version released (NEW RELEASE)!
   posted by Dary on 27-May-2008 21:34:38 (3043 reads)
AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon version released (NEW RELEASE)!

- TTF Font support bug.
- SimpleMail Crash. (not built in program)
- Install errors.
- ReAction renewed fixed, prefs.
- Some libs fixed.
- MMKeyboard platform fix WinUAE <-> Amithlon version.
- Icon bugs fixed.

download new version, more info:

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Re: AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon version released (NEW RELEASE)!
Posted on 28-May-2008 20:50:26
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Aug-2003
Posts: 2969
From: Somewhere in the Dutch mountains....

I wonder how many are still using Amithlon.....

I gave up on it when OS4 arived for me
Still think it is a kickass system though.
It was so fast compared to my aging 4060.
I think it can still be faster then my A1/OS4 combo on a fast PC.

Anyone any comparisons ? And who is still using it on a dayly basis ?
Can it compete against the latest (Win)UAE ?


Theres a time to live and a time to die
When its time to meet the maker
Theres a time to live but isnt it strange
That as soon as you're born you're dying

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Re: AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon version released (NEW RELEASE)!
Posted on 29-May-2008 2:06:19
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 22-Feb-2005
Posts: 270
From: Cape Breton,Nova Scotia CANADA

Amithlon User here

If i had an OS4 System i would be using it


Amiga Island BBS
Telnet:-> (Down Until Futher Notice)
Telnet:-> (Down Until Further Notice)

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Re: AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon version released (NEW RELEASE)!
Posted on 29-May-2008 3:16:09
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 28-Mar-2004
Posts: 129
From: Salem, OR USA

I still use it on three dedicated PCs! The first was a Duron 800 machine built the week Amithlon was introduced. I still use it every day to time-record a five hour radio program and crunch it down to an mp3 while I'm at work. It has the fewest hacks and tends to be my most reliable. As for speed, the only "tests" were practical ones: SecondSpin could encode CDs at a rate of .5:1.

My second PC was built with similar parts but with a faster Athlon 2000 CPU about two years later. For a while I used it as my main music "server." I had two SBLive! cards inside and could direct two different mp3s into two different rooms of the house! I would even run a VNC server on it and use my iBook as a remote control to change music. I would try out more updates and hacks on this machine and consequently caused some problems over the years. Since I built my newest Amithlon box, it's been hooked up to a KVM with the original Amithlon box in the back room. For a while this was my main encoding machine because it could crunch a CD at .3:1.

My newest machine is an Athlon64 (I forget the speed). It was built late last year using a bunch of guides online to find semi-current hardware that still works with Amithlon. I run the latest kernel and have two 500 gig SATA drives hooked up along with a 500 gig IDE drive. The speed of this machine is apparent with CPU intensive tasks. ImageFX, fxPaint and DrawStudio work at lightening speeds, while hard drive access is nearly instantaneous with the DMA-enabled SATA drives. I routinely get drives speeds of 7 meg/sec when I do my weekly backups (from one SATA drive to the other) and SecondSpin takes virtually no time to encode, reporting .1:1 ratios.

If it weren't for Amithlon I would have left the Amiga scene YEARS ago. Instead, it's kept me active and I continue (though a lot less lately) to buy any suitable Amiga software.


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Re: AmigaSYS 4 - Amithlon version released (NEW RELEASE)!
Posted on 30-May-2008 14:39:43
#4 ]
Joined: 31-May-2006
Posts: 81
From: Wheaton, MD USA

I am another Amithlon user. I have one machine at home and another I use in my office on a spare machine. It's as close to a modern Amiga I can get since I never got an OS4 machine. At the office, I use the Remote Desktop client which is actually faster than the one on my XP machine even though its on an older and less powerful computer. At home I use it mostly for nostalgia.

It's great to have an Amiga that I can surf the web with, play MP3's and MOD's, burn CD's besides my old productivity software, ProWrite, TurboCalc. I also have UAE so I can run older programs like DPaint.

It has great graphics on my 1280x1024 LCD monitor too.

A1000 - 2 Floppy, 2 MB RAM, OS1.0-1.3
A500 - 60 MB HD, 8 MB RAM, OS1.3
A2000 - 350 MB HD, 8 MB RAM, A2630, OS2.04
A2500 - 540 MB HD, 8 MB RAM, A2630, OS3.9
A1200 - 4 GB HD, 64 MB RAM, Blizzard IV, OS3.1
Amithlon - 20 GB HD, 512 MB RAM, PIII-1000

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