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Software News   Software News : Abuse ported to AmigaOS4!
   posted by spotUP on 9-Jul-2009 20:40:50 (13614 reads)
Finally. I had a lot of problems with this one.
Joeled bribed me with a crate of beer to port it, if not, i wouldn't have finished it. :) So thanks to him.

Also, thanks to Itix who helped me to locate a missing feature in the OS4 version of SDL.
Abuse needs atleaset version 1.2.13 to work properly.

Thanx to Xeron for adding the missing feature.


OpenGL support and Window mode is missing in the OS4 version, but they might be added in a future update. If someone really needs it. It's more than playable as it is.

Now, enjoy this fine classic!

... Spot / Porting for Profit

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Re: Abuse ported to AmigaOS4!
Posted on 12-Jul-2009 21:07:02
#21 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 1-Jun-2003
Posts: 2997
From: Vancouver Island, Canada


Men who have girlies in their avatars are Girliemen!

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Re: Abuse ported to AmigaOS4!
Posted on 12-Jul-2009 23:53:53
#22 ]
Amiga Developer Team
Joined: 20-Jul-2004
Posts: 4398
From: Portsmouth England

I just got the spookiest bug, on exiting abuse.

All my workbench actions were screwed up. Double click on any icon, then abuse restarted, click on the close button of the abuse drawer then the parent of the abuse draw opened (without the actually drawer closing)! Really odd!

BroadBlues On Blues BroadBlues On Amiga Walker Broad

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Re: Abuse ported to AmigaOS4!
Posted on 13-Jul-2009 0:27:22
#23 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Aug-2003
Posts: 2896
From: Up Rough Demo Squad

o___o ... that is weird.
i am afraid i can't do much more with this game with my limited skills.
i don't have any problems with abuse except for the ones mentioned in the readme...

i will upload my latest sources tomorrow, if anyone wants to have a look.

AOS4 Betatester, Peg2, G4@1ghz, Radeon 9250 256mb, 1gb RAM.

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Re: Abuse ported to AmigaOS4!
Posted on 13-Jul-2009 15:24:57
#24 ]
Super Member
Joined: 18-Jun-2004
Posts: 1631
From: Home land of Santa, sauna, sisu and salmiakki

(Edit: I got it abused. It was another program which crashed.)

Last edited by Tomppeli on 15-Jul-2009 at 01:47 PM.

Rock lobster bit me, so excuse me. If you'll plan to deal with me, be serious !
X1000 + AmigaOS4.1 FE. Be authentic.
"Anyone can build a fast CPU. The trick is to build a fast system." -Seymour Cray

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Re: Abuse ported to AmigaOS4!
Posted on 16-Jul-2009 1:35:38
#25 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Jan-2008
Posts: 6187
From: Unknown

well done apart of double buffering doesnt work well. the pointer leaves a trail behind and such. all that on a4k 604/150. the both lowest resolutions are quite playable.

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