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Software News   Software News : vbcc 0.9a
   posted by zerohero on 17-Oct-2009 12:12:22 (2407 reads)
vbcc is a highly optimizing portable and retargetable ISO C compiler. It supports ISO C according to ISO/IEC 9899:1989 and a subset of the new standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99).

Project homepage:

16-Oct-2009: vbcc 0.9a release.
Changes since last release:
* Using vasm 1.4b and vlink 0.12f with many improvements and bug fixes.
* The compiler itself is for the first time compiled with optimization enabled. So it is a little bit faster and smaller.
* Included vbccm68ks (16 bit integer) in distribution, which is required for the Atari TOS target.
* Fixed alignment bug on incomplete structure initialization.
* Problem with incorrect constant folding during optimization fixed.
* Fixed bug with conversion into a non-scalar at -O1.
* -stack-check referenced the obsolete symbol __exit.
* A problem with a misplaced return-label during flowgraph optimization (-O1 and up) was fixed. The bug showed up in a forever-loop, which was left with return-instructions only, and could result in an infinite loop or a corrupted stack frame.
* Prevent infinite recursion during program cleanup.
* The 68k config files aos68k, tos and mint do no longer have to set optimization options. The OPT directive is completely supported by vasmm68k_mot since 1.3d.
* M68k code generator: Fixed many ColdFire bugs. But the ColdFire support is still far from being perfect.
* M68k code generator: Fixed "target error: illegal use of registers", which could be caused by case statements, since V0.9, and during jumptable generation.
* M68k code generator: Generated illegal data constants when -const-in-data and -sd were specified together.
* M68k code generator: Fixed a crash, which could occur with constant pointers (e.g. *(int *)0x1234=x) in certain situations.
* M68k code generator: Calling a constant address no longer leads to an internal error.
* M68k code generator: Fixed a wrong condition code test when converting to smaller integral types.
* PPC code generator: Using a wrong IC pointer in ALLOCREG/FREEREG caused illegal memory accesses.
* vclib: strtod() fixed: the endptr (when given) was incorrect.
* vclib: ctype.h was wrong for all 68k targets (toupper()/tolower() inlines didn't work).
* vasmm68k: Got a noticeable performance improvement on parsing the input source by a factor between 3 and 30.
* vasmm68k: M68k cpu settings were lost when assembling a source vbcc generated with -g option.
* vasmm68k: Wrong M68k optimization of move.w #0,An into suba.w An,An left garbage in the MSW.
* vlink: Erroneously prefered a symbol from a library over a symbol with the same name from the referencing object module.
* vlink: Fixed problem with merging common symbols from serveral modules.
* vlink: Fixed an error when the resulting ELF executable (OS4) only requires a single segment.

Please support vbcc by contacting the authors if you find any bugs or problems. Supporting seven different architectures makes testing extremely time consuming, so this release is probably not free of bugs.

For problems with the compiler core contact Dr. Volker Barthelmann, and for Amiga/Atari-specific problems, including assembler, linker, startup-codes and linker-libraries, contact Frank Wille.

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Re: vbcc 0.9a
Posted on 17-Oct-2009 12:59:19
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2004
Posts: 3663
From: Unknown

Good job!

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Re: vbcc 0.9a
Posted on 17-Oct-2009 13:23:48
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 11-Jan-2004
Posts: 3549
From: Russia

Thanks Frank. Hope someday you will improve AROS support by vbcc , and make it public :)

Last edited by kas1e on 17-Oct-2009 at 01:24 PM.

Join us to improve dopus5!
zerohero's mirror of os4/os3 crosscompiler suites

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Re: vbcc 0.9a
Posted on 17-Oct-2009 18:05:03
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 24-Apr-2004
Posts: 341
From: Grenoble (France)

Thank you Volker and Frank ! I will continue to use vbcc, a great C compiler : easy to install and use, powerful, fast, ...

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Re: vbcc 0.9a
Posted on 18-Oct-2009 14:27:03
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 992
From: Unknown

My favourite compiler just got better



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Re: vbcc 0.9a
Posted on 18-Oct-2009 20:06:41
#5 ]
Joined: 7-Oct-2006
Posts: 30
From: Unknown

Thanks Frank. Hope someday you will improve AROS support by vbcc , and make it public :)

Do I read your statement correctly?
vbcc does support AROS and I know nothing about it?

If that's the case, can you tell me which include files you replaced in order to achieve AROS compatibility?
As far as I know all AROS include files are gcc only and it would require much work from someone to make them vbcc compatible.

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