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Software News   Software News : SabreMSN 0.73 with a new look
   posted by jahc on 14-Jul-2010 7:25:05 (4863 reads)
2010-07-14: v0.73
- Contacts list has been redone, with scaled avatars beside peoples names
- Multiline chat field, control + Enter to do a line break without sending the message
- Timestamped messages in the chat display telling you when someone has gone offline/online
- Tabs open in the background when you already have one open now
- Avatars can be scaled now
- New Settings window, with tabbed display. Takes up much less screen space

This version tries to introduce an Empathy or Emesene style contact list, with scaled avatars
next to peoples names. Also, their personal message or music is now shown underneath the persons
name, so those details are visible on skinnier windows.

The default "no avatar" image has been replaced with something better.

The Settings window has been redone with a tabbed style display. Saves screen space. Especially
when you're not running 1920x1080 24" monitors like me. :P

The all in one style interface (with the contacts and chat windows combined) has been removed, due
to not being able to test all 3 possible settings thoroughly.. and the hassle of maintaining
three seperate GUI modes. So now we have a tabbed mode, and a windowed mode. Keeps things simple
I think.

Theres a few annoyances left in this release. The display pictures in already opened chat
windows are not re-scaled when you change the scaling prefs (but they are updated properly when
using chat tabs). And also, if you have a line of text, and the cursor is positioned in the middle
of your text, when you hit enter, the program doesnt catch the Enter keypress before the message
is sent and the message gets a newline inserted there (effectively getting split into two lines).
I will correct these hopefully minor issues in the next release.. but this has been getting
tweaked for too long, so I wanted to get something new out the door.

Thank you to the usual suspects for helping me out again. :)

jahcSoft Homepage:
(Please no direct links to the SabreMSN section. It doesnt load the navbar at the top otherwise)

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Re: SabreMSN 0.73 with a new look
Posted on 16-Jul-2010 14:29:05
#21 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 25-Jun-2004
Posts: 410
From: France

@ Jahc

Great work, man, like usual.


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Re: SabreMSN 0.73 with a new look
Posted on 17-Jul-2010 13:21:38
#22 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-May-2003
Posts: 4228
From: Sweden


Tried the new version and generally I like it. There are only two things that bothers me a bit:

1. I would REALLY like the status icons back. Now it has become hopelessy impossible to see who's online and what they are doing. One has to carfully read the small text in the list instead of just give it a quick glance. It's a usability issue.

2. The multi-line chat editor is nice, but a bit large. Perhaps you could add a balance object or limit the number of lines a bit. Five lines is a bit much for general usage and make the GUI unnecessary large IMO. This is just my opinion though.

- Don't get fooled by my avatar, I'm not like that (anymore, mostly... maybe only sometimes)
> Amiga Classic and OS4 developer for OnyxSoft.

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