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Announcement   Announcement : Dutch Amiga Magazines
   posted by sananaman on 24-Oct-2010 9:29:15 (2673 reads)
AmigaScene opened a new section on their website where two famous Dutch Amiga magazines can be foud.
The magazines contain all the issues, are in full color print resolution PDF's and are published with permission of the authors.

The sizes of the magazines are between 60MB up to 170MB (be patient while downloading).
Currently we are evaluating systems for rapid viewing in the web-browser. | Magazine Section

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Re: Dutch Amiga Magazines
Posted on 24-Oct-2010 17:35:17
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 19-Jan-2005
Posts: 179
From: Amsterdam

Great stuff.

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Re: Dutch Amiga Magazines
Posted on 24-Oct-2010 18:04:46
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 17-Jun-2006
Posts: 833
From: Ohrid, Macedonia

Just read the first issue of Amiga Magazine. Big fun, looking at the prices for the hardware back then . I mean, 1200 baud modems at a price of about 200 euro... and people were buying them.

Back home...

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Re: Dutch Amiga Magazines
Posted on 24-Oct-2010 20:47:23
#3 ]
Team Member
Joined: 31-Jul-2003
Posts: 11694
From: Kristianstad, Sweden

200 for 1200 baud modem, yes a lot compared with todays standards, but Amigas in those days were cheaper than today

Site admins are people too..pooff!

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Re: Dutch Amiga Magazines
Posted on 25-Oct-2010 10:57:25
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 17-Jun-2006
Posts: 833
From: Ohrid, Macedonia

Were the Amigas really that much cheaper back then? I recall the first Amiga setup entering our home at a price close to the 1200 euro mark. The setup contained an un-expanded A500 with kick and workbench 1.3, a Commodore 1084S monitor and a Star NX1000 rainbow printer. We got it at a bargain as it was a setup that had been on display for some time.

Now, when I go to the site of Amigakit then I'm handing them some 800 euro for a Sam440 with video, 1GB RAM and 500GB harddisk with OS4.1 pre-installed. With that comes the AmigaOne keyboard and Boingball Mouse. Then there is still need for a case, say 100 euro, a monitor, say 120 euro and a laser-printer, again 100 euro brings it to a total of just over 1100 euros. I know... compared to PC speeds the SAM doesn't match the MHz thing and yes I know a WinTel box can be had far more cheaper but I look at the entry level AmigaOne from now and compare it with the entry level Amiga from back then. I reckon that's a rather reasonable comparison.

Back home...

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