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Software News   Software News : Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
   posted by paolone on 3-Feb-2011 13:24:54 (5553 reads)
The latest update to the popular AROS distribution Icaros Desktop is now available for download. The new version introduce video cards autodetection for native drivers, screen scrolling and dragging on Intel GMA driver (which can now use also embedded display of laptops and netbooks), some new games and applications and, obviously, many bug fixes and feature enhancements, two of them being the ability to associate thumbnails to image files in Wanderer windows and to run other operating systems on a Bochs virtual machine.

New from Icaros Desktop 1.2.5

- updated AROS system files to january 26th, 2011 build
- pressing lAros+Esc will now call Scout in its own screen
- Icaros now chooses the best graphics driver when possible
- added MESA 7.10, EGL and OpenVG libraries from Deadwood
- added Bochs PC emulator with DLX Linux and FreeDos images
- added ThumbNailGun and dt2thumb to "iconify" images with thumbnails
- added latest release of GMA driver with screen dragging
- added Dega, a Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator
- added WaetherForecast, a Google weather client
- added Txt2Pdf, a text-to-adobe PDF conversion tool
- added dgen, a Genesis/Megadrive emulator
- added Hatari, an Atari ST emulator with free OS
- updated Janus-UAE to version 0.8
- added ability to setup amiga environment to AmiBridge
- updated standard config files for old amiga models in AmiBridge
- updated SimpleMail to v0.36 and made it default mail client
- updated Lunapaint
- updated NASM
- updated PortablE
- updated MAME
- updated FUSE Spectrum emulator
- updated AmiStart configuration files
- updated Nouveau driver
- updated Regina.library
- updated DirectoryOpus configuration
- updated AmiStart configuration files
- added Giana's Return (experimental)
- fixed a issue with drive informations
- fixed icons in Wanderer detailed file view
- fixed bugs from previous version
- incorporated Icaros 1.2.5 patch 01 Zune theme and fixes

for further informations, downloads and screenshots, please go to the project's website,

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 3-Feb-2011 15:24:19
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 20-Nov-2008
Posts: 1541
From: Marston Moretaine, England


As usual a great job on this, sorry i did not help much with testing this time. Have had a look at last beta and it was pretty much brilliant so no comments needed.

As usual thanks again.

Last edited by clusteruk on 03-Feb-2011 at 03:24 PM.

Amiga 1000, 3000D Toaster, Checkmate A1500 Plus

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 3-Feb-2011 17:24:29
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 18-Jul-2004
Posts: 1127
From: Europe

Modern Retro Experience

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 3-Feb-2011 19:02:43
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 6-Sep-2004
Posts: 589
From: Rossendale

PCPlus latest top en alternative OS include

1. Haiku
2. ReactOS
4. OpenBSD

Given the alternatives, AROS is doing really well indeed.

The older and more respected a scientist is, the longer it takes to prove him wrong.

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 3-Feb-2011 20:47:55
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Dec-2004
Posts: 1071
From: Blighty

Cool! And as usual, I shall download it and give it a whirl.


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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 4-Feb-2011 6:27:04
#5 ]
Super Member
Joined: 4-Feb-2004
Posts: 1561
From: Unknown

Thanks Paolone ! Icaros shines as ever before

AmigaOS or MorphOS on x86 would sell orders of magnitude more than the current,
hardware-intensive solutions. And they'd go faster.-- D.Haynie

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 4-Feb-2011 6:53:09
#6 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 16-Mar-2006
Posts: 439
From: Karlstad, Sweden

Many thanks for this release =)
My computer really liked the GMA driver for sure!

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 4-Feb-2011 10:21:55
#7 ]
Super Member
Joined: 24-Sep-2007
Posts: 1126
From: Unknown

Please, after downloading, try installing it if your hardware is supported, and use it for some times. I know we are still half of the road to a real every-day's operating enviroment, but we need testers, many testers and over all people able to fix issues and suggest solutions, to make this a viable alternative.

For instance, I am trying to install Reactos on Bochs provided with the distribution, but I haven't succeeded in yet. I can't do everything by myself and people already helping me already have their areas of interest to improve, a regular job and a family, just like me. So the more people help me, the better this distribution will get.

Last edited by paolone on 04-Feb-2011 at 01:57 PM.

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 4-Feb-2011 11:40:04
#8 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 8-Mar-2003
Posts: 364
From: Portugal

Thanks Paolo, looking forward to test it for OpenGL performance

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 4-Feb-2011 15:20:46
#9 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 2-Aug-2007
Posts: 2047
From: Unknown

Thanks Paolo... screen dragging too.


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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 4-Feb-2011 15:45:51
#10 ]
Joined: 10-Jul-2010
Posts: 60
From: Germany

good work! i would like to see an usbstickimage for download. übercool for netbooks

Last edited by MaximvsPayne on 04-Feb-2011 at 03:46 PM.

X DIRT-EDGE X Entertainment


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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 5-Feb-2011 12:10:46
#11 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 6-Dec-2003
Posts: 852
From: Tinytown

I tried running it in native mode but ended up with a 640x480 4bitplane screen :/
My laptop is using Intel GMA X3100 chipset.

Vesa legacy mode seems ok though.

EDIT: crap, tried installing it on an USBdrive and of course it seems to have overwritten my bootpartition, well i was warned.. but annoying anyway.

Last edited by fryguy on 05-Feb-2011 at 01:30 PM.

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 5-Feb-2011 23:45:41
#12 ]
AROS Core Developer
Joined: 8-Jul-2003
Posts: 274
From: Unknown


I presume you mean the boot partition on your internal HD rather than one on your USB drive.

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 6-Feb-2011 21:33:44
#13 ]
Super Member
Joined: 24-Sep-2007
Posts: 1126
From: Unknown


X3100 is not a GMA 950 chip. So it's not supported by Intel GMA 900 driver. You should use VESA modes instead.

What boot partition has been overwritten? on what device? are you sure you have choosen the USBSCSI device during installation?

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Re: Icaros Desktop 1.2.6 has been released
Posted on 16-Nov-2012 15:16:15
# ]

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