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Software News   Software News : Jack 1.6 - JackTunes and GTMOOYA Extension
   posted by djrikki on 18-Jun-2011 23:42:07 (1950 reads)
Jack 1.6 - JackTunes and GTMOOYA Extension

So what is Jack?

Jack is a multi-purpose application for your Workbench.

Download it now at Check Upload Queue if necessary.

Screenshots on Flickr

Features ( ** New)

* Comprehensive AmigaOS Download 'Store'

* Quick access to AmigaOS Preferences

* Screen snapshoter

** Easy to understand Front-end / Welcome Screen

** Get the Most our of your Amiga. Jack now includes a plug-in for Assist
by Daniel Hutchinson. This will enable Daniel to freely add new
articles and images to Jack in an independent and quicker manner.
Simply download the updates when they become available from the
Download Store and follow installation/update instructions.

* Fully-featured Image Editor, includes Batch-image processing

* Speedy access to all your connected devices

* Support for Push4Dock - quick access to your Documents, Images,
Music and more...

** JackTunes: Comprehensive music player for accessing your ITunes music collection.
* Beta version. Awaiting audio drivers for SAM 460 in order finish this extension.

* Unique Slideshow mode for viewing your image directories

* Handy Calculator, similar to Spotlight in Mac OS X, its there when you
need it most

* Thesaurus - Learn words in the English Language (requires WordNet).

* Basic file-management, Make New Drawer, Delete, Rename and Add Comment

* Open your files in Helper Applications

* HTTP/HTTPS support for downloading files to a directory before Opening

* Jack can be called entirely from the command line, in this mode it will
act as a modern file requester that retains all the above features.

Change Log:

* Slideshow mode: Double-clicking an image works as expected, no error
message or refreshing of directory occurs. BUGFIX

* All remaining references to Downloads: have been removed, AppStore
should be much approved as a result. BUGFIX

* Startup: Jack will now start-up much faster in both file-requester mode
and regular mode.

* Non-Jack mode: All remaining errors relating to file/drawer selection
have been eliminated. BUGFIX

* AppStore: Will now open if files in the Recent index fall below 12.

* Welcome Window added to Jack giving options how to start. This is
bypassed in File-Requester mode. ENHANCEMENT

* Preferences: Applications are now launched asynchronously.

* Cancel Buttons: Some cancel buttons showed formatting tags, now shows
correctly. BUGFIX

* Calculator Window will now auto-close at all times. BUGFIX

* Configuration Window: Keyboard shortcuts added. ENHANCEMENT

* Screen Capture: Capture filename will no longer contain multiple .png
filename extensions during a multi-capture session. BUGFIX

* Slideshow Mode: Parent and Close slideshow buttons are now animated.

* Image Editor: The default image type is now relative to the chosen image
opened. BUGFIX

* Image Editor: Closing the Image Editor window no longer re-loads the
directory. BUGFIX

* Image Editor: Warning before Closing the Image Editor if changes were
made to the Image. ENHANCEMENT

* Image Cropping: Although cropping is still from the top-left corner
outwards its usability is much improved.

* Configuration Editor: The Save configuration now works properly as
expected. You will no longer have to restart Jack in order realise ALL
changes that have been made. BUGFIX

* Helper - UnArc: Jack will now let you extract from archives.

* Helper - AmiPDF: If AmiPDF is chosen as the helper for PDFs they now
open full screen as opposed to windowed.

* Helper - AmiGS: Added helper for opening supported PS/EPS files through
AmiGS. Currently non-configurable.

* Send to Archive: Sometimes the destination path would end up ending with

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