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Software News   Software News : iBatch V1.3 released !
   posted by gerograph on 23-Aug-2011 14:03:41 (1610 reads)
When converting images, EXIF Header (capture date, embedded thumbnail...) gets lost. The new "jhead-capsule" in conjunction with iBatch V.1.3 can now transfer EXIF Header from original image into converted image.

In case original image does not contain an exifheader (e.g. iff images), jhead-capsule will try to create a new header using informations provided by iBatch itself.

In order to have "jhead-capsule" working in conjunction with iBatch, some changes had to be made "under the hood". The result is Version 1.3. V.1.3 however does not have new features, and looks exactly like old V.1.2 !

Download iBatch from or from Aminet.
"jhead-capsule" needs "jhead" CLI-command (see readme or iBatch website for downloadlink).

about iBatch:
iBatch has been rated as "Must have" for digital image batch processing on Amiga by Amiga Future Magazine. iBatch (Image Batcher) allows users to easily convert/rename/renumber/resize/rotate a bunch of pictures at once. The pictures to be processed can be collected in a "Batchlist". In order to organize your batchlist ibatch provides a "Viewer" and "Batchlist browser" tool.
A fast workflow is guaranteed even on slow systems. This is accomplished by using preprocessed thumbnails/preview images for the "Viewer" or "Batchlist browser" tool. All thumbnails will be kept in sync with their corresponding source directory. Before you start the "Viewer" tool, iBatch will therefore check for existent thumbnails and add missing thumbnails from the given sourcedir automatically.
The whole program can be perfectly used for organizing/resizing digicam pics. Furthermore it becomes handy, when you have to convert whole image directories at once.

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Re: iBatch V1.3 released !
Posted on 23-Aug-2011 19:17:33
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 5-Dec-2007
Posts: 901
From: Moers - Germany

Sorry forgot:

Also included are polish language files by Tomasz Paul. Thanks for that "tomek" !

Geomarketing at

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Re: iBatch V1.3 released !
Posted on 24-Aug-2011 13:05:38
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 10-Jun-2010
Posts: 545
From: Mobile, Alabama, United States



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Re: iBatch V1.3 released !
Posted on 26-Aug-2011 12:23:43
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 5-Dec-2007
Posts: 901
From: Moers - Germany

Check out excellent resize qualitiy of Algorithm used in iBatch (Thanx Thilo Köhler):

quality comparison

Geomarketing at

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