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Software News   Software News : AROS Broadway 0.86 redux rc1 - last chance to help me
   posted by phoenixkonsole on 20-Dec-2012 12:14:59 (1750 reads)

If you find time, please test the latest Fabio Falcucci and Pascal Papara production called AROS Broadway 0.86 codenamed "redux".

Read more --->

What is Broadway?

It is a AROS i386 distribution made mainly for AresOne and compatible systems.
It still works on all other systems which are supported by AROS. It is pre-configured regarding Internet and Sound. So, on other HW you will need to change Network- and Audio prefs.

If you like to change screenmode and need to test it please close the quickstarter(dock) with ctrl+c and the clock with a right click on it. Else the resolution can't be changed on the fly. You can also just click "save" and reboot.

Important notes:
This is the second test ISO, so the big failures should be gone already.
Please just wait for the confirmation of Installation!!
Postscript-process can take 3 minutes (maybe even 5 on AROM)
It is just because I squeezed 1.3GB of data on a CDROM... so it needs to be uncompressed!

Tomorrow night I will upload the final ISO, so there is a last chance to to some enhancements, fixes.

Todo for the final:
- Allow the user to switch between large 64x64 and 32x32 pixel large Icons.
- Update some of the included apps(if their is no regression).

- Just check if Intro has sound! (there are now several boards in the wild and there was sometimes trouble with the hdaudio.config of other distros (or nightly).

AROS Broadway RC1 broadway086.iso.7z




Installed basesystem

Please just wait for the confirmation of Installation!!
Postscript-process can take 3 minutes (maybe even 5 on AROM)
It is just because I squeezed 1.3GB of data on a CDROM... so it needs to be uncompressed!

Youtube video
Broadway redux youtube video

brings new system files
New Bootmenu
streamlined installation
netinstall (so future versions can be installed just with this ISO)
Up2date will also offer "optional" download like development tools and games which where in former versions of Broadway but have been removed now.

I have removed many games especially DOOM, Quake, and DukeNukem.

- Annotate
- G.E.M.Z
- Updates OWB including js scripts
- Broadway Boulevard (nothing more than a jump site to AROS specific websites)

If you choose Rescue (live-mode) you will see only a reduced set of applications!
Only enough to chat (IRC), surf OWB, read PDF, copy to USB and so on...
Everything you could need to rescue or restore your setup.

Added music, Wallpapers and a video to test multimedia
(Many thanks to Welle:Erdball)

Final should be ready on friday.

@Pi fans
Yes, there will be an update (next week)

The name "Broadway" results from the fact that most apps are done in Hollywood. In order to use a similar, but different name I came upon Broadway..

Some of the Hollywood apps are:
- Aquario screensaver
- AMC Ami-Media-Center
- G.E.M.Z
- User-Login-manager
- Lookhere
- Hfinder
- Quickstarter
- Snapshoter

We have more in the pipeline ; )

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Re: AROS Broadway 0.86 redux rc1 - last chance to help me :-
Posted on 23-Dec-2012 10:09:45
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Nov-2009
Posts: 1770
From: Unknown

AROS Broadway 0.86 "redux" is now final:

AROS Broadway - AEROS - Aminux - AmiCloud - indieGO! Appstore - AmiWallet - VAN lossless video codec - AMC Amiga media Center -KrypUnite - LibertyNet - MinX - amigaNX

 Status: Offline
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Re: AROS Broadway 0.86 redux rc1 - last chance to help me :-
Posted on 23-Dec-2012 22:56:13
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 25-Dec-2003
Posts: 665
From: Dumfries, Scotland

Great news.

I'm just about to try this on Virtualbox on an old Macbook Pro. I've only just got this machine otherwise I'd go for the multi boot option but I don't know enough about it yet.

I'll report back here!


Fred Booth
A500, A600, A1200 c/w Mediator and 030
AmigaOne and OS4.1
Mac LCII, G4 Powermac running OSX + Amigakit and MorphOS 3.0
Dell Mini 10 Netbook running IcAros and AmigaForever+Amikit+AmigaSys
2006 Macb

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Re: AROS Broadway 0.86 redux rc1 - last chance to help me :-
Posted on 27-Feb-2013 23:15:47
# ]

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