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Announcement   Announcement : ShaoLin Microsystems Announces Support for Intel® Itanium® 2
   posted by ShaoLin on 11-Aug-2003 4:13:43 (1648 reads)
HONG KONG, 11 August 2003 - ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd., the leading Linux-based software and solutions developer, today announced the immediate availability of ShaoLin HA Cluster support for the latest Intel® Itanium® 2 processor. This clustering solution will deliver an enterprise-class and highly scalable platform for the most compute intensive and mission critical business applications.

A big challenge for IT management to invest on new technologies is the ability to scale and compliance to open-standards. ShaoLin HA Cluster works on standard Intel-based hardware, from single processor IA-32 to enterprise class multi processors IA-64 on the latest Intel® Itanium® 2. ShaoLin HA Cluster, is a high availability cluster software to protect against, application and hardware failure with no added system administration. Featuring system image oriented failover, minimizes knowledge on cluster technologies nor require complex application configurations by SysAdmin thus translates to the lowest TCO. Optional monitoring agents available for popular database, middleware and application services.

The 64-bit Itanium® 2 processor targets many commercial and technical applications -- including business intelligence, databases, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and high-performance computing, which floating-point performance, 64-bit addressing, and large cache memory are well-suited to a wide range of large, multi-process technical computing applications.

"We are experiencing increasing demand for ShaoLin HA Cluster from a wide range of industries, such as financial services industry, telecommunications, manufacturing," comments David Chow, CEO of ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. "With the Itanium® 2 processor, ShaoLin HA Cluster is capable on protecting enterprise-class applications."

"The Intel® Itanium® 2 processor delivers outstanding performance, scalability and value for high-end enterprise and technical computing applications. High availability cluster support from companies like ShaoLin reinforces the reliability of Itanium 2-based platforms as ideal for mission-critical systems and applications," said Adam Hsu, MNC Account Manager, HK/PRC of Intel Semiconductor Limited.

About ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.

ShaoLin Microsystems Limited is one of the world's leaders in the creation and development of Linux-based system software and solutions. ShaoLin Microsystems provides end-to-end Linux solutions to different size of enterprises and organizations around the world. Based on our cutting-edge kernel and file system technologies, ShaoLin Microsystems' products allow customers full command over the open-source Linux operating system. ShaoLin focuses on software products development, which includes clustering, storage software, desktop and network management solutions. ShaoLin is recognized as one of the rapid growing Asian software companies with industry-leading products.

For more information, please visit
For press and analyst inquiries, please contact:
Marketing & Public Relations
ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.
Tel: +852 2352 5568
Fax: +852 2352 5576

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Re: ShaoLin Microsystems Announces Support for Intel® Itaniu
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 9:49:39
#1 ]
Team Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1334
From: Stockholm (Sweden)


Just out of curiosity, why is this posted here?

Please don't misunderstand me, I think that this is
interesting news and that it's important enough to be posted

But you do have to agree that this is not one of the
first places one thinks of when one wants to post a
non Linux-PPC news item, no?

*I assume that you are working for ShaoLin's marketing departement.

 Status: Offline
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Re: ShaoLin Microsystems Announces Support for Intel® Itaniu
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 10:25:53
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 8-Apr-2003
Posts: 104
From: Italy, underground

why is this posted here?

My exact words.


 Status: Offline
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Re: ShaoLin Microsystems Announces Support for Intel® Itaniu
Posted on 11-Aug-2003 12:28:14
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 13-Jan-2003
Posts: 662
From: Unknown

I'm with u 2, as interesting as this is, why is it here? I mean the only possible connection is that it uses Linux, but why would it interest us as it isn't on a PPC? Why would we be interested in something that uses a completly different CPU to our (new) machine?

Sorry, I am just confused!



 Status: Offline
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Re: ShaoLin Microsystems Announces Support for Intel® Itaniu
Posted on 6-Jan-2011 15:28:54
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 22-Oct-2003
Posts: 1104
From: West of Eden, VT USA

It's good to keep up with trends in general technology...


Amiga 1000; Amiga 2000; Amiga 3000T; CD-TV; CD32;
AmigaOne-XE 800Mhz G4;Sam400ep 666Mhz;
AmigaOne X-1000 1.8Ghz PA6T-1682M

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