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Announcement   Announcement : Enhanced Amiga 1200 case seeks crowd-funding on Indiegogo
   posted by Petah on 24-Apr-2016 9:35:20 (5045 reads)
Craving for a brand new Amiga 1200 case? Longing for Individual Computers' upcoming Amiga Reloaded, and want it to have a proper home? Need a new case for your Raspberry Pi or your ITX form factor motherboard? In either "case", AMIGA CASE: The Ultimate Retro Style Computer Case has you covered.

Launched on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo by Jarno Smit a few days ago, the project aims to not only recreate Commodore's Amiga 1200 case, but also improve on its original design.

Available in two different styles, campaign backers can choose to get a case with holes for an Amiga 1200 keyboard (currently 59) or a case without any keyboard (currently 64) holes at all, meant to be used with an external keyboard. In addition to pledging for the case itself, backers can choose to pay an extra 1 for a redemption code for the Amiga Reloaded. The code guarantees the user to be able to pre-order the Amiga 1200 Reloaded, which is expected to sell out immediately after the first batch will be made available by Indvidial Computers later this year.

Made with permission granted by Amiga Inc, the case sports the original, official ("classic") Amiga logo, two separate 3.5" bays on either side and comes with removable backplates, enhanced ventilation and more space than the original Amiga 1200 case perfect for professional users.

The full specification is as follows:
* Original Amiga logo on the case
* Designed for classic Amiga 1200 hardware
* Designed for the Thin Mini-ITX form factor, Raspberry PI 1B+/2/3 and Keyrah V2 keyboard adapter
* Designed for usage with internal and external keyboards
* Can function as a keyboard stand
* Open case design for placement of multiple systems
* Removable and replaceable backplates
* Adjustable placement in height of the Amiga 1200 motherboard
* More useful space for Amiga 1200 owners
* Two 3,5 inch bays to build in devices of your choice
* Covers for the 3,5 inch expansion bays with pre cut USB connection holes
* Recessed air vents for Amiga 1200 accelerators and the Thin Mini-ITX motherboard
* High quality plastics with UV stabilizer (no more yellowing)
* High quality screw points with blind brass inserts
* Future-proof


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Re: Enhanced Amiga 1200 case seeks crowd-funding on Indiegog
Posted on 8-May-2016 14:51:58
#1 ]
Team Member
Joined: 17-Oct-2002
Posts: 6800
From: UK

I backed the other A1200 case as well as this. Both offer their own unique slant on the original A1200 case, but I am mostly interested in getting the Amiga Reloaded board into one of these two designs.

With the other A1200 case I plan to use one of my original A1200s along with the BPPC/BV cards I have to try and get one of them working properly, and I have Raspberry Pi 2/3 to play around with as well.

The flexibility built into this new case design is nice too though.

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