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 MEGA_RJ_MICAL:  6 hrs 3 mins ago News News : AMIcast - Text Interview 11 - HunoPPC - game ports for Amiga!
   posted by radzik on 6-Dec-2017 18:46:40 (1052 reads)
It took a lot of time to publish this great interview. Sorry for this, but the last couple of months were without Amiga stuff. But now, you can read the great text with the great man! Interesting games and more! Point of view from developer side! Enjoy!

HunoPPC amuses us a lot. Its ports are the opportunity to play fairly modern games on AmigaOS 4. But HunoPPC is not only the game industry! He created the EGL wrappers library for OpenGLES 2.0, SDL benchmark charts, and FinalBurn Alpha. He is a member of the French Amiga Team.

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Re: AMIcast - Text Interview 11 - HunoPPC - game ports for A
Posted on 12-Dec-2017 6:58:23
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 2-Dec-2003
Posts: 693
From: Sandy, Utah. USA

Thank you! I love Huno's work, and enjoyed reading the interview.

Sam460 : X1000 : X5000

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Re: AMIcast - Text Interview 11 - HunoPPC - game ports for A
Posted on 14-Dec-2017 5:53:01
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2008
Posts: 3534
From: Toronto, Canada

Huno's our man !!!

c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !

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Re: AMIcast - Text Interview 11 - HunoPPC - game ports for A
Posted on 18-Dec-2017 5:45:00
#3 ]
Super Member
Joined: 16-Dec-2003
Posts: 1035
From: Unknown

yes hunoppc rocks. i am amazed how much he has made for os 4.x i really hope that
he will start using amistore so we can get some content on that so it can gain some legitimacy as the official amiga distribution central, also hyperion should start to sell all there things in amistore, it's the way of the furture. it makes it easy for everybody and anyone

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Re: AMIcast - Text Interview 11 - HunoPPC - game ports for A
Posted on 26-Dec-2017 0:53:24
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 29-Mar-2004
Posts: 1890
From: Australia

Some of this stuff can't be sold for profit and do you really want amistore to be an official portal?
I can't think of anything worse. Everyone involved has delusions of being relevant to the platform while simultaneously putting all the resources they can into ensuring the Amiga platform stays obscure, unobtainable, riddled with obstacles and massively overpriced and underpowered.
These people will ensure the platform finally dies just to feed their egos and so they can fool themselves into thinking they're even a blimp in the history of the Amiga.
In the meantime the real heroes, the people who have kept the platform alive is the community.
The community has done most of the work. The community managed to breathe a little life back into the platform and then the vultures swooped in, tried to enforce their dead end aspect onto us and in the meantime made it very, very difficult for us, the users, the people who kept the platform alive, to have any sort of future.
Its clear as day. Ego and delusion is what finally killed the unkillable.

Also, semi modern games on OS4?
Doom3 is 12 years old and well beyond anything on OS4.
To each their own, but stuff from late 90's through to to 2002 (about highest level for OS4) or so is far from modern

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