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Software News   Software News : Realms of Power developers need your help
   posted by _Steve_ on 23-Aug-2003 17:44:54 (1699 reads)
The developers of Realms of Power, a turn based strategy similar to Civilisation 3, are seeking the help of interested graphics artists.

In Realms of Power, 16 different nations are ready to fight with or against you. You can play the Germans, the French, the English, the Romans, the Zulus or even the Egyptians. The different units such as planes, tanks, destroyers or war chariots are waiting to be built and then sent against your foe. Or alternatively you could always send a diplomat and make peace.

The world environment you want to fight in is determined by you and so you could start in anything from an ice age to a heat wave, with huge oceans or impassable mountain ranges. In this environment you will have to build different units and town buildings like churches, industries, harbours or barracks. To complete the task will require giving instructions to the constantly growing population to gather the different resources such as wood, stones, coal or oil. But remember workers get hungry so a good supply of food is essential and if in trouble then trade with allied nation to obtain food or other essential resources.

If you want to help the developers with the project, then please e-mail Michael Lanser.

Source: AmigaFlame.

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Re: Realms of Power developers need your help
Posted on 23-Aug-2003 18:51:44
#1 ]
Team Member
Joined: 18-Oct-2002
Posts: 6797
From: UK

The game already looks like it could be great fun to play. I always liked the Civ games, and this is set to follow in that mould of gameplay. It also has really minimal requirements:

Required Configuration
Amiga with OS3.1, 68020 @ 14Mhz, 1MB Chip, 16MB Fast RAM, Graphics Card, CD-ROM, Hard Disc

Recommanded Configuration
Amiga with OS3.1, 68060 @ 50Mhz, 2 MB Chip, 32MB Fast RAM, Graphics Card, CD-ROM, Hard Disc

Runs also on WinUAE

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Re: Realms of Power developers need your help
Posted on 23-Aug-2003 22:45:33
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 18-Dec-2002
Posts: 5647
From: Italy

I've already see these screenshots, they are very nice.


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Re: Realms of Power developers need your help
Posted on 24-Aug-2003 20:10:02
#3 ]
Team Member
Joined: 18-Oct-2002
Posts: 6797
From: UK

Indeed. The site has not had any new screenshots added to it yet, but the point is they need graphics artists to help design more artwork for the game.

These early shots show the games potential - all it needs is that extra refinement

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Re: Realms of Power developers need your help
Posted on 26-Aug-2003 4:06:11
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 29-Jul-2003
Posts: 6739
From: Unknown

I wish the dev team continued success with this game. I remember a while ago that the head-honcho of the game posted on the progress of this game.


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