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hardware OS4   hardware OS4 : Amiga Tabor gains MiniGL support
   posted by Petah on 5-May-2018 16:53:55 (933 reads)
In a surprising announcement on Saturday, May 5th, German developer Daniel Mussener revealed that the Amiga Tabor now sports basic support for the MiniGL 3D rendering platform along with its companion GLUT subsystem for window management. Although the two compoments don't do much on their own, they do lay down the groundwork for complex applications and games relying on the highly popular OpenGL API standard. Keeping the AmigaOS architecture close at bay, Mussener has chosen to build the two systems as proper and potentielly resource efficient system libraries ("minigl.library" and "mglut.library", respectively) rather than so called linker libraries.

Interested AmigaOS developers may want to point their browsers to YouTube (where a few basic MiniGL demos can be seen running on the Amiga Tabor) and to AmigaOS' developer Hyperion Entertainment's homepage, where the system - including its source code and pre-compiled binaries - can be obtained for free. In its accompanying documentation, Mussener stresses that this release is distributed as-is and that bugs related to the Tabor's special Synergistic Processor Element ("SPE") hardware may cause glitches.

Although the Amiga Tabor - an entry-level Amiga system powered by modern PowerPC hardware - is currently undergoing extensive beta testing, Daniel Mussener's efforts - which previously have included porting the Chaos Engine-inspired top-down shooter Tower57 to the Tabor - suggest that future Amiga Tabor owners will have a more mature system to look forward to once the latest in the line of Amiga computers hits retail. The release date of the Tabor is yet to be announced by its EU manufacturer A-Eon Technology, Ltd.

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Re: Amiga Tabor gains MiniGL support
Posted on 8-May-2018 8:53:27
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 18-May-2004
Posts: 449
From: Czech Amiga News

Link to the video in the news doesn't work for me, so here it is once more

BTW the videos above shows perfectly how much AmigaOS miss the default button to maximize/restore windows...

Last edited by ExiE on 08-May-2018 at 08:54 AM.

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Re: Amiga Tabor gains MiniGL support
Posted on 9-May-2018 0:28:44
#2 ]
Joined: 14-Feb-2010
Posts: 44
From: Texas

Excellent! Now, oh great Amiga Tabor, where are you?

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Re: Amiga Tabor gains MiniGL support
Posted on 9-May-2018 9:20:46
#3 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 12-Dec-2005
Posts: 176
From: South of Oslo

Cool !!

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Re: Amiga Tabor gains MiniGL support
Posted on 8-Jun-2018 13:52:15
#4 ]
New Member
Joined: 23-Dec-2012
Posts: 1
From: Unknown

And simply...

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