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Announcement   Announcement : AmiCloud 2.0 finally available! + Website
   posted by phoenixkonsole on 12-Jun-2018 19:35:35 (961 reads)

(click image for full size)

AmiCloud 2.0 is final now!

I am proud to present you AmiCloud 2.0 final release.
Codename "the cursed one" - Fabio had to fight a lot to get it done.. he pushed Hollywood to the limits.

Amicloud supports now SUB-Folders wit unlimited depth.
The storage space has been raised a little bit.

General Features:
Cloudstorage which alles to share files publicly
You can sync multiple computers
You can embed shared pictures in forums or websites
No traffic limitation
Amiga spirit : )

Current users just need to login with the exiting username and password to activate it automagically.

Yep.. amicloud is now better than some big player because you can share files publicly without traffic limit. Something others stopped offering.

More to come....

Original links on have been updated now. It is also available in the indieGO!-Appstore

Full change-log:

::: CHANGELOG v2.0 - 11/06/2018 :::
- FIX : Sometimes ACManager was not able to connect to AmiCloud, this should be resolved now.
- FIX : Due to an Hollywood bug the local index is now using a temporary fix that mimic the bugged functions, when the bug will be fixed the standard commands will be restored because this fix is a bit slower.
- NEW : Local Index is now smaller, useless data has been removed.
- NEW : Added feedback to the main AmiCLoud window : now when a folder and/or a subfolder is synchronized a message is shown.
- FIX : Fixed a bug that was causing errors when UTF8 characters were used in the filenames.
- NEW : Added a local index cleanup function at the end of the synchronization process to remove useless entries.
- NEW : Nested folders support.
- New core functionalities to handle this new feature in a recursive fashion
- Reworked the sharing window to show the folders structure using a treeview
- Windows & MacOS versions uses system AppData folders to write application data.
- NEW : Server error 403 Forbidden is now handled by the client.
- NEW : Added a information Windows to access quickly related web resources and to check for updates.
- NEW : Added several messages to make it clearer what AmiCloud is doing.
- NEW : Added multiuser support, heach account can have its own shared folder on the same computer.
- FIX : Users can change the shared folder if they need it.
- FIX : When exiting AmiCloud will wait for ACManager to finish its tasks to make it clear when the ACManager is quitted.

Also we have released an webpage were you can upload and download files using a browser. The current uploader doesn't work well with all browsers if you upload bigger files. We will work on this. But it is a start : )

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Re: AmiCloud 2.0 finally available! + Website
Posted on 19-Jun-2018 15:15:27
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2008
Posts: 3770
From: Toronto, Canada

great work Fab !just awesome to transfer and sync files and directories now between my Win7Pro PC, X1000 running OS4.1, and A4000 with OS3.9

c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !

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Re: AmiCloud 2.0 finally available! + Website
Posted on 20-Jun-2018 21:22:02
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 21-Nov-2004
Posts: 302
From: Zdzieszowice, Poland

What GUI is used in it? Is it RapaGUI?

I miss draggable screens in MorphOS... and do you? I know I'm in a minority unfortunately.

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Re: AmiCloud 2.0 finally available! + Website
Posted on 22-Jun-2018 1:21:16
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 11-Jun-2003
Posts: 945
From: space

Hi Ho!

Just to add - Bravo for your hard work! Looks excellent.

One question:

- Did you consider in creating DropBox (AmiDropBox) to be compatible with other systems? If you create this you can do good business with it. I could be the 1st one to support you :)

nykk | | | gfx.river |

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Re: AmiCloud 2.0 finally available! + Website
Posted on 23-Jun-2018 5:22:21
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 27-Dec-2003
Posts: 4985
From: New Zealand


- Did you consider in creating DropBox (AmiDropBox) to be compatible with other systems? If you create this you can do good business with it. I could be the 1st one to support you :)

AmiCloud may well support more OSes than DropBox (it has Windows, OSX, & Linux clients along with AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS).


_________________ - Amiga OS 4 projects, programming articles and more. Home of the RadeonHD driver for Amiga OS 4.x project. - More of my work.

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Re: AmiCloud 2.0 finally available! + Website
Posted on 24-Jun-2018 10:11:02
#5 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Nov-2009
Posts: 1770
From: Unknown

The limitations of dropbox regarding public urls was one reason to start this project : )


We will provide a pool of VM's..
Simple ones will not run Ubuntu but debian + Openbox for best performance without 3D-accerleration. The slow performance in the video is due because the server does the whole 3D-rendingering with CPU.

As a premium option, you get a dedicated 1080TI. Pay as you go. Roughly 2 a day = 60/Month for an dual core. Due to latest GPU-Mining trend, your connection will be capped when you reach a pre-defined watt usage. So you could do mining up to this point... then it will shutdown.

Wahtever.. pay as you go means you don't pay for a full month. You pay with credits while using it. If you use it only a day or two, your credits will stay for the next use.

Last edited by phoenixkonsole on 24-Jun-2018 at 10:49 AM.

AROS Broadway - AEROS - Aminux - AmiCloud - indieGO! Appstore - AmiWallet - VAN lossless video codec - AMC Amiga media Center -KrypUnite - LibertyNet - MinX - amigaNX

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