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News   News : Amiga Developer Team at Amiwest Dev Con
   posted by amigakit on 7-Oct-2018 16:38:04 (1482 reads)
Amiga Developer Team at Amiwest Dev Con 2018

We are pleased to confirm that there will be two Amiga Developer Team members presenting at the Amiwest Developer Conference on 11-12 October.

Our newest developer, Mark Ritter is best known for the excellent Workbench Explorer. Since joining our development team, he has been working on new gadgets and classes for the next major update of the Enhancer Software. He will present the new InfoData Gadget Class at the forthcoming Amiwest Dev Con and give an overview on how developers can use this useful gadget class.

Hans De Ruiter should need no introduction. He develops major parts of the Enhancer Software including the Radeon drivers and Warp3D Nova. He is embarking on new projects for the next major release. He will be presenting his A1222 based portable project.

We hope to see you there and answer your questions about the Enhancer Software and receive feedback.


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Re: Amiga Developer Team at Amiwest Dev Con
Posted on 8-Oct-2018 3:59:21
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 3-Mar-2006
Posts: 1390
From: Oullins, France


And I guess you are postponing Radeon HD v3 drivers / Polaris drivers release for AmiWest (since you have been preparing the package since the end of August).

PowerMac G5 2,7Ghz - 2GB - Radeon 9650 - MorphOS 3.14
AmigaONE X1000, 2GB, Sapphire Radeon HD 7700 (not used ATM)

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Re: Amiga Developer Team at Amiwest Dev Con
Posted on 8-Oct-2018 19:53:16
#2 ]
Joined: 23-Feb-2018
Posts: 95
From: Unknown

What is this site?

Visiting that site leads to and then clicking the link "contact us here" it leads to main page where Contact link does nothing.
Is this intended?

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Re: Amiga Developer Team at Amiwest Dev Con
Posted on 8-Oct-2018 22:45:06
# ] is the main hub for the Enhancer project (coding-wise), you can report bugs there (bottom left), and holds links to the company that funds all of this (A-Eon) and AmiKit's AmiStore project (which you can download all the stuff from).

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Re: Amiga Developer Team at Amiwest Dev Con
Posted on 8-Oct-2018 22:46:15
# ]

Is there already a list of supported v3/Polaris cards?
I doubt all Polaris-based cards will work (as was the case with the other gfx drivers)

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