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software OS4   software OS4 : New version 1.6 of AmiCygnix available
   posted by CygnusEd on 28-Jul-2020 20:29:58 (1377 reads)
Version 1.6 brings some innovations and updates. Some bugs have been fixed again.
Due to the update to GTK+ 2.24.32, AmiCygnix 1.6 will be a requirement for future software packages.

New in AmiCygnix-Base:
  • Update to version 2.24.32 of GTK+, the latest version of GTK+ 2. In addition to some new features, the drag 'n drop in GTK+ 2 applications now finally works. The corresponding programs have to be linked again. Programs like Rox-Filer or Gimp benefit greatly from this. Therefore, please pay attention to updates of these programs!
  • Full support for Unix locale strings. So you can now select the country, the encoding and special variants in addition to the language. You can also select multiple locales.
  • The size of the windows of the Workbench display driver can now be reduced with a size gadget (except Picasso96pip). The content can then be moved using a scroller.
  • [li] Support for version 3.16.3 of GnuTLS, the latest version of the SSL/TLS layer. Support for SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.3 is new. The Trusted Certificates included have also been updated. Problems with programs like NetSurf or Claws-Mail should be solved with it. However, the corresponding programs must be relinked.

    Therefore, please pay attention to updates of these programs![/li]
  • Support for LDAP through OpenLDAP 2.4.49. Is now integrated in libcurl and will also be used in Claws-Mail.
  • Support for AISS in the menus of the Workbench display driver.
  • Revised myX11Setup with improved help function. Thanks to Michael Christoph!
  • Italian translation updated in many AmiCygnix scripts. Thanks to Samir Hawamdeh!
  • New Spanish translation of the texts in the Workbench display driver. Thanks to Javier de las Rivas!
  • New catalog in Russian for myX11Setup. Thanks to Eugene Sobolev!
  • Fixed a problem when starting the AmiCygnix desktop via myX11Setup.

  • New in AmiCygnix-Tools:
  • All GTK+ 2 applications are now linked with GTK+ 2.24.32. In addition to some new features, the drag 'n drop now finally works.
  • The browser "NetSurf" is now linked with the latest version 3.6.13 of the SSL/TLS layer GnuTLS. This fixes problems with SSL connections.
  • The program "ROX-Filer" is configured during installation this way, that it can be used as a replacement for the "idesk" desktop manager.

  • Download links:


    The base package

    Resizeable windows

    STORYID: 8542
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    Re: New version 1.6 of AmiCygnix available
    Posted on 30-Jul-2020 4:29:14
    #1 ]
    Elite Member
    Joined: 4-Mar-2008
    Posts: 3839
    From: Toronto, Canada

    thanks Edgar !!!

    c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
    ! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !
    X1000 I BELIEVE

     Status: Offline
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    Re: New version 1.6 of AmiCygnix available
    Posted on 30-Jul-2020 20:04:54
    #2 ]
    Cult Member
    Joined: 7-Mar-2003
    Posts: 627
    From: Michigan

    Thanks Edgar! Between my new X5000 and your updates, it's amazing how fast Abiword is now, even at 1920x1080x16.


    Builder of Frankenthousand, the monster A1000
    The Young Frankenthousand A1-XE G4

     Status: Offline
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    Re: New version 1.6 of AmiCygnix available
    Posted on 31-Jul-2020 15:44:15
    #3 ]
    Elite Member
    Joined: 10-Jul-2005
    Posts: 9608
    From: Unknown


     Status: Offline
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    Re: New version 1.6 of AmiCygnix available
    Posted on 31-Jul-2020 19:56:21
    #4 ]
    Regular Member
    Joined: 7-Feb-2004
    Posts: 393
    From: germany

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, speed seems one of the main advantages of the new update, allthough it is not mentioned in the docs. But several users reported a big step forward. So the code cleanup and the latest optimations did it

    Stay tuned for the updates of my applications. Most of them will be updated to get the new features.

    X-5000 PPC 5020/2 GHZ, Fractal Define XL R2-Tower, OS 4.1 final update 2, 4 GB, Radeon HD 7770, ESI Juli@ XTe
    SAM 460ex/1,15 GHZ, OS 4.1 final, 2 GB, Radeon HD 6450
    Amiga 4000D/040 25 Mhz, OS 3.9 BB2, 272 MB, X-Surf, 250 MB ZIP

     Status: Offline
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    Re: New version 1.6 of AmiCygnix available
    Posted on 7-Aug-2020 8:39:17
    #5 ]
    Regular Member
    Joined: 25-Aug-2003
    Posts: 470
    From: Lecco, Italy

    One thing I noted for the old AmiCygnix versions was that when loading and saving documents,
    the cpu load was not more than 40% so loading and saving took many time, with this version
    the cpu load reach 100% and these operation are now very fast.
    If it only supported 32 bit screens natively :)

    Anyway it's a great improvement, thanks for the update

    Last edited by pvanni on 07-Aug-2020 at 08:40 AM.

     Status: Offline
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