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 Allanon:  3 hrs 15 mins ago News News : Server4you downtime
   posted by sibbi on 26-Mar-2024 15:19:36 (412 reads)

Our hosting provider Server4you suffered what they called an "infrastructure incident" on March 21st. Water seems to have gotten into the room holding the batteries for the data center, which caused systematic failure which affected amongst other things, their routers, DNS subsystem and some of the machines they host.

It's taken them 5 days so far to recover from this incident and it's still ongoing but at least our network activity seems to have been restored. Our server was not directly affected by the outage, but network connectivity to it was however, so we dropped out 5 days ago and have been out ever since.

We apologise for this incident and the downtime, we have been looking into some sort of a future plan for the site involving a more modern virtualised hosting environment with a CMS which would be easier to maintain and keep running, but we're very understaffed and life keeps us busy with other things.

Kind regards

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Re: Server4you downtime
Posted on 26-Mar-2024 20:12:47
#1 ]
New Member
Joined: 26-Mar-2023
Posts: 3
From: Magnolia, TX

Very glad to see you back! I read this site daily and missed it.

Amigan since 1985! - Amithlon, Amikit 12, MiSTer FPGA. ?My A3000 turned to dust a long time ago.

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Re: Server4you downtime
Posted on 27-Mar-2024 5:53:52
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Aug-2003
Posts: 2880
From: Trondheim, Norway

OMG - a provider with just two physical locations, one in France and one in US? And starting price at 20 euros? You should perhaps consider switching provider to one that has multiple sites in multiple regions (and cheaper too).

- digital ocean
- vultr
- linode/akamai
- upcloud
- ungleich
- many more (like MS Azure and AWS, heh)


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Re: Server4you downtime
Posted on 28-Mar-2024 21:33:56
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Mar-2003
Posts: 2005
From: Unknown

Nice to have you back.

We all had a feeling you are understaffed but did you reach out for help among the users lately?


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