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clean enuff PI Popular
Description: First experiment of PowerIconification of my "clean enuff" theme.

I had to use icons from 4 different KDE icon packs to customize as many as possible WB icons and also ClassAction's and YAM's toolbars. The reason is that the best pack of them is still WIP and so has only few icons. This pack is a kind of "outlined" version of the Crystal SVG pack and comes from the same author; the key is of course the black outline, which in the screenshot is visible around the HD icons and the Locale prefs program.
BTW: the guy behind the AOS4 GUI told me that _maybe_ he will some day implement a feature that allows windows borders to be thicker: a 2-pixel thick black border around the windows would just be perfect for this theme.

The first two icons in the Prefs drawer are selected, that's why they have that red-ish glow (obtained by passing 128 32 0 as SELx values to PowerIcons).

I'm also experimenting a lot with fonts... probably they will change again...

In all, I find this theme quite pleasant to look at, although I can't say I'm 100% happy with the results: this is mostly due to the fact that I had to mix icons with different styles (and, anyway, KDE does not have all the icons that would be needed... no, I'm not complaining ;) ), but also partly due to the fact that I can't find a completely satisfying combination of fonts... and then... well, the window border thickness and then... mmm... I'd like a pastel+outline icon set... and then... hey, _now_ I'm complaining ;)

Submitter:  saimo - More Photos from saimo  
Last Update: 18-Jun-2005 Hits: 3335 Rating: 3.00 (4 votes)
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