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AMIGAOS 4.1 update 4 + sam460ex + ati 4650 +2gb ram Popular
Description: 1920x1080

Submitter:  jacknife - More Photos from jacknife  
Last Update: 16-Mar-2012 14:50:11 Hits: 1972
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A blue night Popular
Description: A screenshot (using Sgrab) of my all new pre-OS4 (#3) Workbench. Yeah, I luuuv blue :)

The wallpaper was found on the net, the icons are from the superb Lorraine Design "Revolution" package.
Oh, and the man on the photo is Jay Miner: unlimited thanks to him for the Amiga!

Submitter:  Keyserling - More Photos from Keyserling  
Last Update: 20-Jul-2005 10:11:26 Hits: 23589 Rating: 8.05 (19 votes)Comments: 14 posts
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A glance at WindowTray Popular
Description: Some WIP

Submitter:  AND - More Photos from AND  
Last Update: 31-Jan-2012 19:08:02 Hits: 1707
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A grab of my Workbench! Popular
Description: I have installed PowerIcons and use them for AmiDock. Most of the PNG icons are taken from the PNGIcons64x64.lha archive from Aminet. Kens Icons (OS4Depot) is used for drawer icons in Workbench. The background is taken from and is called "Tropic Of Cancer".

Submitter:  Samwel - More Photos from Samwel  
Last Update: 14-Feb-2005 21:49:42 Hits: 8322 Rating: 6.86 (7 votes)Comments: 1 post
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A little classic look Popular
Description: I like pastel colours, glowicons and classic look mixed with modern features.

Submitter:  r-tea - More Photos from r-tea  
Last Update: 8-Apr-2017 22:33:46 Hits: 3031
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A little system test :) Popular
Description: I would say this is a real system test since almost all is os 3.x software ;) I just CANT wait until JIT and NATIVE sofware is out there weeee!!

Submitter:  Fraggel - More Photos from Fraggel  
Last Update: 30-Nov-2004 19:13:28 Hits: 10872 Rating: 6.60 (10 votes)Comments: 4 posts
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A quick screen grab os AmigaOS 4.1 update 1 Popular
Description: Just a normal day

Submitter:  nottins - More Photos from nottins  
Last Update: 20-Jan-2010 22:15:37 Hits: 2186 Rating: 4.50 (2 votes)Comments: 1 post
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A Stormy Sea Popular
Description: Just wanted to show people that you can use the Storm C editor with OS4!

Submitter:  Bean - More Photos from Bean  
Last Update: 20-Nov-2004 11:44:14 Hits: 11951 Rating: 6.78 (9 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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A1 Debian Popular
Description: Screenshot of Debian Lenny running on Geri's kernel.

Submitter:  acefnq - More Photos from acefnq  
Last Update: 22-Jun-2007 20:04:44 Hits: 3850 Rating: 5.17 (6 votes)Comments: 1 post
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A1 XE Popular
Description: Nearly a screenshot but just had to do it...
This is the pic from SakuNet and from my dealer.
(Hope it does'nt matter Boogie/GE!!)
The tower is really big and fits a lot. Paint some cd drives and screens black now?
Black is beautifull. The screen look is obviously different today. A beauty.

Submitter:  PR - More Photos from PR  
Last Update: 23-Feb-2005 2:51:46 Hits: 6905 Rating: 6.29 (7 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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A1200 on a WinBox on an A1, via VNC Popular
Description: VNC all over the screen!! :¬)



Note: originally 1280x1024, rescaled to 1200x960 due to AW restrictions

Submitter:  Ferry - More Photos from Ferry  
Last Update: 10-Dec-2004 19:54:49 Hits: 9451 Rating: 6.90 (10 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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AcidWB Popular
Description: It's a MT Theme. I followed some MattK refs:

Submitter:   - More Photos from   
Last Update: 6-Aug-2005 1:27:52 Hits: 5342 Rating: 5.00 (5 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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Ahead of its time Popular
Description: Like the 1948 Tucker automobile, the Amiga computer is ahead of its time.

Submitter:  Paul - More Photos from Paul  
Last Update: 16-Apr-2005 3:13:19 Hits: 5264 Rating: 4.60 (5 votes)
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ajk Popular
Description: Here's my WB as it is now, the icons are from the umicon and gant sets.

Submitter:  ajk - More Photos from ajk  
Last Update: 5-Nov-2004 12:06:24 Hits: 7006 Rating: 6.77 (13 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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ajk Popular
Description: Still using a modified OS4 default theme with a different icon set and colours. DvPlayer can be seen playing a film in the background. The JPEG encoding softens the image a little bit.

Submitter:  ajk - More Photos from ajk  
Last Update: 19-Aug-2005 10:02:11 Hits: 21575 Rating: 7.08 (13 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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AlephOne rendering issues Popular
Description: On my X5K with a Southern Islands GPU and working W3D-SI installation, for whatever reason, I can never get Marathon (or any of the Marathon games) to render correctly. They always show up with odd colors. The menus are fine, the initial graphics are fine, but the game graphics themselves are all hosed.

Any ideas?

-- eliyahu

Submitter:  eliyahu - More Photos from eliyahu  
Last Update: 4-Nov-2019 14:10:13 Hits: 774 Rating: 1.00 (1 vote)
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Alinea Computer programmes and more Popular
Description: AmiPhoto, ANotice, AmiWebview and some other OS4 programmes in action.

Submitter:  AmigaPapst - More Photos from AmigaPapst  
Last Update: 16-Mar-2006 15:30:24 Hits: 5123 Rating: 5.40 (5 votes)
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AMİGAOS 4.1 UPDATE 4 + SAM460 Popular
Description: AMIGAOS 4.1 UPDATE 4 + SAM460

Submitter:  jacknife - More Photos from jacknife  
Last Update: 27-Mar-2012 18:46:13 Hits: 1780
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AmiCloud_Err1.png Popular
Description: Error Message AmiCloud Beta

Submitter:  gerograph - More Photos from gerograph  
Last Update: 4-Apr-2018 22:25:39 Hits: 2435
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Amidock & Bubble icons Popular
Description: Screenshot showing some more bubble icons.

Submitter:  emeck - More Photos from emeck  
Last Update: 4-Jan-2005 18:34:31 Hits: 10692 Rating: 6.69 (13 votes)Comments: 1 post

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