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modified zami Popular
Description: A modified Zami: Removed the Cyan highlight and set it to BeOs style.

Submitter:  Crisot - More Photos from Crisot  
Last Update: 22-Aug-2005 Hits: 19514 Rating: 5.33 (6 votes)Comments: 10 posts
Re: modified zami
Posted on 22-Aug-2005 0:54:33
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Jan-2003
Posts: 3270
From: Charlotte, NC

Hmmm... VAIO, Sony, Samsung, Motorola.... what are you trying to say there Criscot?

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 22-Aug-2005 2:36:26
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 26-Oct-2002
Posts: 1094
From: 3rd Rock from the Sun! Be or not to Be, that is the question!


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Re: modified zami
Posted on 22-Aug-2005 16:53:27
# ]

Wow, it's looking very good, and the modified Zami is cool! I hope Hyperion could add this in an updated theme pack or something. I would like to try this. Call it Zami2-Theme or something like that

Great stuff

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 22-Aug-2005 19:08:19
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 25-Jan-2004
Posts: 163
From: France

for the VAIO logo, just I LOOOOOOVE this wallpaper.

for the W3D image with Sony, Motorola, etc...... it's just a way for me to make my city looking more like a real city

and that's also because I'm a Sony VAIO fan (quality and design!), Sorry about that

AmigaOne XE --- 7455A@1400 --- Radeon 9000 Pro --- RAM 2GB --- SSD 40GB

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 23-Aug-2005 22:25:43
#5 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Apr-2003
Posts: 1907
From: Saltdean, East Sussex, UK

That looks fantastic! Nice looking Workbench there!

After a decade away from the scene, I am back!

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 24-Aug-2005 16:01:23
#6 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 12-Dec-2002
Posts: 855
From: England, United Kingdom

Really nice, liking the Amigaone desktop icon too :)

Founder of NWAG - North West Amiga Group

Night Operations

A1200 020/28MHz + 64Mb / 4Gb CF / OS / 1438S
A500+ / 2Mb

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 1-Sep-2005 21:02:03
#7 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 9-Jun-2004
Posts: 12763
From: Norway

So when is the demo ready?

Last edited by NutsAboutAmiga on 25-Sep-2005 at 09:00 PM.

Facebook::LiveForIt Software for AmigaOS

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 26-Sep-2005 21:59:40
#8 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 25-Jul-2003
Posts: 4286
From: Unknown

and that's also because I'm a Sony VAIO fan (quality and design!), Sorry about that

I dont know about the VAIO, but other sony products really lack quality controls.. Just take a look at their consoles and their trinitron monitors.. You lucky if they last a few years before they finally die. I have 21" trinitron from 2003, and it has now developed a weird problem. The monitor picture will turn fuzzy after a few hours of operation, then after maybe a hours of fuzziness, the picture will turn crisp again with a bang/pop just to return to fuzziness just a minute after.. Looked around the internet to only discover that this is a common problem with many of their trinitron models.

The PS1 had a design flaw that would wear out the laser track after a few years of usage.. The laser of th e PS2 tends to die after some years, unless you are lucky..

A bit offtopic i guess :P

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 21-Oct-2005 21:18:00
#9 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Mar-2003
Posts: 2007
From: Noranda Canada

Very nice indeed. Great work.


A1-C 750GX@800 using OS4.1

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Re: modified zami
Posted on 19-Nov-2005 12:38:35
#10 ]
Super Member
Joined: 20-Dec-2003
Posts: 1202
From: South Wales. UK

Nice shot.

A1XE G4 800mhz,512mb,Radeon9200,SonyDRU-510A and 800a,ESI Juli@, Sil680, WiFi.

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