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jahc Popular
Description: I've used cool backdrops from (I love comic books). I used "kens icons" (which are in glowicon format, not png).

Also displayed is my IRC client WookieChat. The colours dont look very vibrant in JPG form but my PNG grab is 25k too big over the allowed size.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 22-Jan-2005 2:11:25 Hits: 6196 Rating: 6.00 (6 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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jahc Popular
Description: I have no idea who Arana is except that shes a Marvel comic book character, but its quite a nice vibrant backdrop.

Kens-icons used here.

Workbench titlebar colour altered slightly.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 22-Feb-2005 3:23:34 Hits: 3914 Rating: 4.40 (5 votes)
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jahc Popular
Description: "kens icons" icons, zami os4 theme, backdrops, cpu usage/clock docky..

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 29-Jul-2005 8:44:00 Hits: 17499 Rating: 8.00 (6 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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jahc Popular
Description: I used the sioami theme from os4depot, but I didnt like the colours for disabled buttons and certain other elements, so I changed it slightly.

I used kens icons everywhere.

SimplePlay is a simple music player I made myself, using the SDL_Mixer linker lib.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 4-Jul-2006 8:20:44 Hits: 3059 Rating: 6.67 (3 votes)
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jahc's OS4 Final Workbench Popular
Description: I opened up a bunch of windows in sys: to show some of the new icons Mason has painted. Note: these icons are 24bit, and I think they use the new alpha channel in OS4 final's new icon system. I did this screenshot for klesterjr and realised that other people want to see it too, so, here it is.

P.S. I'm using the SIOAMI theme from, but slightly modified colours in parts to make it nicer.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 25-Dec-2006 10:45:36 Hits: 6507 Rating: 6.40 (5 votes)Comments: 4 posts
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Sam440ep and PC side by side Popular
Description: Sam440ep on the left in a MicroATX case, and second hand PC on the right mainly for Firefox. I share the one keyboard and mouse between both machines over the LAN using a program called Synergy. The white keyboard on top of the Sam is for UBOOT or other emergencies.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 25-Oct-2008 10:25:16 Hits: 1562 Rating: 3.00 (1 vote)
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Sam440ep close up photo Popular
Description: Probably not the best piece of photography ever to grace the internet, but my computer desk is crammed with machines.

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 4-Nov-2007 8:05:19 Hits: 2283
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Sam440ep in a MicroATX case Popular
Description: I wanted to build my system on the cheap, so I purposely got a cheap case after learning that the screwholes on the Sam match up with any ATX/MicroATX case. I'll move her to a Lanboy case when I come into some more money. The backplate wasnt ready in time, so I'm waiting for it to be sent to me (free of charge of course). Theres a connector coming off the mobo for a VGA port, and theres a DVI port built in. The Sil3314 SATA controller has two buses, and I'm using bus 1. Notice how its diagonal in the picture? Strange isnt it? This picture is old, but my case USB ports are now connected up. The fan came with the case, but isnt connected up, and probably wont be needed (I thought maybe it could be useful for the hard drives). The case came with a reasonably quiet 300watt PSU, which is of course ample for this low power machine. Note: the P1 connector (for the mobo power) is at a right angle to the case. Could be useful for smaller cases, I dont know. :) For those of you who have heard of SATA but havent actually seen it yet, those red leads are the SATA leads. (duh!).

Submitter:  jahc - More Photos from jahc  
Last Update: 4-Nov-2007 1:21:19 Hits: 3757 Comments: 2 posts
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