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Poll : interested by a netbook/notebook running AmigaOS?
Yes, I'll buy one with these specs
No, I don't need mobile AmigaOS
Re: [Poll] AmigaOS notebook, anyone?
Posted on 12-Jan-2010 20:59:19
#81 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 327
From: Derbyshire, Great Britain!

The proposal of an AmigaOS laptop sounds interesting and I would actually prefer a (even low spec.) laptop over the XA1000.

Me too. With wi-fi and long battery life I find laptops more convenient than a desktop PC these days.

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Re: [Poll] AmigaOS notebook, anyone?
Posted on 12-Jan-2010 22:28:59
#82 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 20-Mar-2003
Posts: 6149
From: S.Wales


The early Sam440ep board with the soldered on ram and the LVDS connector should be ideal for building an Amiga OS4 laptop. I had a word with Rigo about this a while back and the conclusion was that A 17" screen would allow you to spread out the internals and keep the it slim unlike most Amiga solutions so far which mostly look monstrous.

On paper it appears that the Radeon M9 and the LVDS connector should allow to hook up a laptop screen with no additional circuitry which saves on bulk and removes the for need fiddling about hiding a cable from the VGA card. Not having a populated simm socket and CPU cooler cuts down on a lot of height.

Suzanne is the best looking and most professional Amiga laptop so far and I reckon a Sam based setup could be half the height and be able to blend in with "real" laptops. Of course it would be quite expensive due to the need of fabricating a custom case.

The best way would be to take an existing budget 15" model and redesign the Sam440 motherboard to fit that system. The only additional component needed would be a wifi chip for wireless networking.
If the board could be sold for the same price as a normal Sam440ep then your 800-900 euro price point for a complete system with OS4 could be achieved.

I wonder how many units would need to sold to make the redesign viable.

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Re: [Poll] AmigaOS notebook, anyone?
Posted on 12-Jan-2010 23:59:34
#83 ]
Joined: 2-Jun-2007
Posts: 69
From: Unknown

Sorry to dissapoint you, but it just ain't that simple! Although the mobo is ideal for building a laptop "around it" that ain't enough! A laptop screen would not work without additional circuitry. You need to give it a backlight power supply, and discover (not easy) the pinout of the screen's cabling. The screen itself doesn't just end to a VGA cable with a regular socket. Thus, you'd have to study a lot. And if portability is of any concern, you have to find a way to give it a battery and charging circuitry, and find a way to manage battery power through the OS.
Do you still find it viable?
Don't take my word for it, google is your friend on this one. And do some search for the A600 GRL to get a taste of a "modern" Amiga laptop

Last edited by WillKar on 13-Jan-2010 at 12:08 AM.

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