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Amiga 500 Rev61 2MB RAM onboard
Posted on 6-Oct-2020 16:49:11
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Regular Member
Joined: 30-May-2004
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From: New Forest United Kingdom


I have an odd beast of an A500 that had an expension card that I removed connected to a small chip pillar holding the GARY that was wired to J2 next to the CPU. All the memory slots are filled so the vacant ones have chips. The RAM card had a leaky battery and with it connected was giving me a yellow screen. So I removed it. Thing is without [ WITHOUT ] the RAM expansion card the A500 is still registering 2MB RAM. AVAIL and SysInfo state that I have 1MB CHIP and 1MB Slow [ fast ].. basically the filled chips on the motherboard are on the same bus so assume that is why SysInfo refers to them as slow fast ram. Can I repeat there are no other cards on the motherboard.

I cannot see any hack to the jumpers at J2 and J7A other than the wire from the Gary raised pillar. There is a strange wired switch to the Audio Filter area.

I checked the RAM chips that were added and they appear to be 1MB in total. The original look like they were the original on the motherboard but are giving a reading of 1MB.

Something doesn't stack up. The board is covered in hot glue if you want to look at these images.

Any ideas why there is 1MB Chip on this board. when it should be 512K.


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Re: Amiga 500 Rev61 2MB RAM onboard
Posted on 6-Oct-2020 18:36:19
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Regular Member
Joined: 20-Jan-2004
Posts: 391
From: UK


Well, that looks a bit of a dog's breakfast. I think some of the hot glue may be to stop chips shifting in their sockets as things warm up. Its something Ive seen done elsewhere. It works, but usually a squirt with contact cleaner or a new socket turns out to be better overall.

Seems like its had the 1MB ram mod done on the motherboard, too. The interleaved chip types is a giveaway. Other than that Im scratching my head as much as you are on the rest.

"Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Study hard, be evil."

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