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AmiCygnix, Sylpheed
Posted on 25-Nov-2020 10:48:21
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Regular Member
Joined: 12-Sep-2011
Posts: 181
From: Unknown

I installed a few days ago AmiCygnix on my X5000 and trying now to learn how it works. It feels much faster than I expected!

A couple of questions:

- How can I add program icons on the dekstop, and remove those which are there already?

- About Sylpheed: Is there a way to configure it to understand automatically email aliases, if your account has those? So that answering a message would happen _from_ the address/alias the message was originally sent to?



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Re: AmiCygnix, Sylpheed
Posted on 25-Nov-2020 22:57:54
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Regular Member
Joined: 7-Feb-2004
Posts: 385
From: germany


I just wrote an answer to your mail. I hope it can answer your questions.

Because I think that this could also be interesting for other, here is may answer:

To the first question:

Yes, this is still a problem of the AmiCygnix desktop. This is very uncomfortable and I should make a tool to make this configurable. But for now the only way is to make this by hand.

The way you have to do it depends on the desktop manager you're using (You can change this in myX11Setup). By default it is the "IDesk Desktop Manager". If you have installed the AmiCygnix tools package, you can also choose "ROX-Filer", which is much more comfortable, but still not as easy as it could be.

* IDesk:

All icons are defined in the directory "Cygnix:Home/root/.idesktop". For every icon there is a corresponding .lnk file. Just delete file to remove the icon.
If you want to add an icon I suggest to unpack the desired program package again and look to the directory "install-data/.idesktop". You can find the icon file there, every package has this. Just copy the
icon file to "Cygnix:Home/root/.idesktop".

* ROX-Filter

To remove an icon, make a right click on an icon and choose "Remove Item(s)".

If you want to add an icon to the ROX desktop, just open a file window (e.g. click on the "Software" icon) and drag an icon from the file window to the desktop. To add an program icon to the desktop, choose the Home directory of the desired program in the "Software" window, and drag the "Start_..._Desktop.bat" icon onto the desktop. Afterwards you can change the icons symbol or the icon text in the popup menu you can open with a right click.

I hope I will find the time to make this more comfortable.

To the second question:

I think there is no way to configure Sylpheed this way. In the "from" field of an reply there is always the address of the standard account. I have no idea how to change that.

X-5000 PPC 5020/2 GHZ, Fractal Define XL R2-Tower, OS 4.1 final pre, 4 GB, Radeon HD 7770, ESI Juli@ XTe
SAM 460ex/1,15 GHZ, OS 4.1 final, 2 GB, Radeon HD 6450
Amiga 4000D/040 25 Mhz, OS 3.9 BB2, 272 MB, X-Surf, 250 MB ZIP

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