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Next AROS ABIv0 release - looking for testers
Posted on 16-Jan-2023 19:29:36
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 4-Nov-2008
Posts: 435
From: Unknown


We are working on next release of AROS ABIv0 for 32-bit x86 machines. If you have an AROS-compatible machine and a bit of time, please check this thread

Download the latest test ISO and check for regression on your hardware.

Last edited by deadwood on 16-Jan-2023 at 07:30 PM.


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Re: Next AROS ABIv0 release - looking for testers
Posted on 17-Jan-2023 9:10:09
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Regular Member
Joined: 4-Nov-2008
Posts: 435
From: Unknown


New ISO available:


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Re: Next AROS ABIv0 release - looking for testers
Posted on 20-Jan-2023 9:46:44
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Super Member
Joined: 24-Sep-2007
Posts: 1140
From: Unknown

I've also cooked a Icaros Desktop beta with this. Please help us testing it.

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Re: Next AROS ABIv0 release - looking for testers
Posted on 28-Apr-2023 21:46:21
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 21-Nov-2004
Posts: 315
From: Zdzieszowice, Poland


Does it still uses DOpus Magellan within Wanderer windows like previous version do?

I miss draggable screens in MorphOS... and do you? I know I'm in a minority unfortunately.

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Re: Next AROS ABIv0 release - looking for testers
Posted on 29-Apr-2023 1:40:38
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 15-Jun-2018
Posts: 325
From: Unknown

Something brought me to the Idea of replacing my Soundblaster 5.1 by an Soundblaster X-Fi because I can record better with it. and I don`t really remember what happened to my AROS Compatible Machines.. I just bought more powerful Machines (A Dual CPU 14 Core XEON Machine for distributed Computing and several Quad Core i5) I still have a Pentium IV where AROS 32 Bit runs on but now I prefer VMWare because its easier! My financial Situation got worse! And I have to deal with my older getting Women keeping their will to live alive! Because me and my real Friends have mental Problems!

My Daughter does not live with me.. and is 12.. and I told her to combine Computers with Fun and Joy and not with dirt and Shit! She already is crooked. by the Systemand showed nearly no interest in the Logins to the Music DAWs I have.. and even me is losing interest.. because I am getting aware how vast the Destruction is and I am getting intersted into convincing People of planting public Fruit Trees as to bring Society to Social and prepping!

On Question why is there never mentioned that Photosynthesis is the Solution to Carbon Dioxide while people are trying to prepare Industrial Agriculture in the Reinforests and all Countries with sea are overfishing the Oceans which could lead to Annihilation!

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