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Announcement   Announcement : Classic Amiga BBS Group Formed
   posted by MobbyG on 22-Nov-2003 17:24:35 (1692 reads)
The Port Zero BBS Net, a group made up of Amiga BBS SysOps has joined together to get the word out that the old school BBSs that were highly popular before the internet are still alive and in use. For those that used to use these BBSs, it's a walk through nostalgia. For the unlucky that never heard of or used a BBS, it's a lesson in computer history.

There are currently 5 member BBSs that are now all linked via a multi user chat system allowing users from all 5 systems to get together and just ragchew. Also, each BBS offers a differnet variety of files, and discussions, as well as classic online games and text files. For a list of member BBSs, info on the group, and links to connect to the BBSs, visit The Port0 BBS Net page at

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Re: Classic Amiga BBS Group Formed
Posted on 22-Nov-2003 20:31:30
#1 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 24-May-2003
Posts: 242
From: Unknown

at where?!?

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Re: Classic Amiga BBS Group Formed
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 4:51:45
#2 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 7-May-2003
Posts: 203
From: In the Hizzzeeww!

Weird.. I put in the URL but it didn't come out...

The webpage is

Ah ha! I just saw what happened! It put in the URL but not the text to make the link for it. Maybe it's my Mozilla?

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Re: Classic Amiga BBS Group Formed
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 14:49:39
#3 ]
Team Member
Joined: 7-Mar-2003
Posts: 1334
From: Stockholm (Sweden)

You know I had totaly forgotten about telnet and the hack-and slash MUD games that I used to play there. (On telenet I mean)

One great big thank you to you Sir.
And have one on me.

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Re: Classic Amiga BBS Group Formed
Posted on 23-Nov-2003 15:56:53
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 24-May-2003
Posts: 242
From: Unknown

I'll stop by and give it a look. Thanks for setting it up. I really miss the BBSes.

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Re: Classic Amiga BBS Group Formed
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 6:04:25
# ]

everyone please visit the cerebral bbs at telnet:// right now we are currently doing upgradings..but we welcome all users to come and take a look..please be patient as when we get things rolling youll be happy. =)

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