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Software News   Software News : VirusZ III (1.00) released
   posted by _Steve_ on 21-Feb-2004 21:19:22 (2034 reads)
Georg Hoermann has made the final release of his Virus Checker, VirusZ III available. For the first time in six years of development, his program has shed it's beta tag.

New in VirusZ III v1.00:

  • Improved 'Snapshot' function of the vectorcheck, it now saves the information supplied by SegTracker. So please install SegTracker before doing snapshots, it helps me a lot!
  • Finally fixed VirusZ 100% for MorphOS/Pegasos systems:
    • a) The vector check now handles function calls using EmulLibEntry correctly and calculates "ROM" locations and sizes in the most compatible way by scanning system romtags and afterwards calling NewGetSystemAttrsA().
    • The memory monitor has been fixed for fake chipmem on Pegasos and supports MorphOS "ROM" areas too. There's just one problem left with pre-50.58 exec.library: size of A-Box modules cannot be calculated perfectly here and will simply be set to 0x700000. This means that you might be able to access non-existing memory areas at addresses near 0x10800000! This is on your own risk...
    • The internal doslist scanner (for sector check/bootblock lab) works without MEMF_24BITDMA memory now which was never available on MorphOS systems. The code for 64-bit access (>4GB) has been bug fixed and enhanced to support TD_READ64/TD_WRITE64 too.
    • Rewritten startup code to use EasyRequestArgs() in case of an error instead of DisplayAlert() which is not available in current MorphOS versions. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for all his help with MorphOS topics and for beta-testing! And thanks to Alexey Ivanov, Ilkka Lehtoranta and 'Vinny' for beta-testing too.

  • Fixed problems in sector check concerning 4GB-border. Added some recalculation routines for strange values in de_BlocksPerTrack. Additionally de_MaxTransfer is supported now for older HDs.
  • Removed the 'Use/Ignore External Xad-Slaves' selection from the file check prefs. This was obsolete as xadmaster.library always requires external clients to do a good job.
  • Finally added support for disk archives and disk images to the file check. Please note that xadmaster.library v8+ is required! Now you can extract all types of archives that XAD supports, and if they contain disk images with valid files inside, these files will be checked too. Two new options therefore have been added to the file check prefs: "Extract Disk Archives" and "Check Files Inside Disk Images". Please read the docs for more information! Thanks to Dirk Stöcker for beta-testing and his helping hand concerning tricky XAD stuff.
  • Added extra check for bootblock viruses to sector and file check (for files larger than 2048 bytes, usually diskimages).
  • Added sector checking for files! You can select 3 different modes in the filecheck prefs, please read the docs carefully for further information...
  • Added 'Scan Files For Bootblocks' to the file check prefs. With this option enabled, VirusZ scans for bootblock viruses inside files. Useful to detect unknown bb-virus installers.
  • Changed/enhanced functionality of the 'Job Monitor':
    • 'Pause'/'Continue' gadgets have been replaced by a single cycle gadget to stop/run the current job. b) 'Quit' gadget is always active now (requested by many users).
    • All running/waiting jobs will be displayed in the report list now so you get a better overview. You can select any of them and kill them with the 'Kill Job' gadget. Useful if you accidentally have selected some wrong files/disks.
    • Added 'Check Files...' gadget. It obviously does the same as the equally named menu item of VirusZ's main window, but you won't have to switch windows any more.
    • Added 'One/All' cycle gadget between 'Disinfect' and 'Delete' as it determines the behaviour of both functions. If 'One' is selected, everything works like in previous versions. By selecting 'All', the delete function will delete all malicious files that have been found so far. 'Disinfect' first determines the type of the selected item (infected file or sector?) and will then start disinfecting either all files or all sectors of the selected disk. Requested by 'Underground God', hope you are happy now :)

  • Bumped version of VirusZ III to 1.00 !!! After 6(!) years of often little development and much more lack of time VirusZ III finally has reached full functionality...

You can find this release on the Virus Help Denmark or mirror sites.

You can get the latest Download here (102,556 bytes LHA archive)

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