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Software News   Software News : New software for Cocolino
   posted by DJS on 9-Oct-2004 13:19:04 (1191 reads)
Elbox Computer is pleased to announce availability of the new software support for the COCOLINO PS/2 mouse interface. The package includes a new version of the FreeWheel software by Alastair M. Robinson and a new version of cocolino.driver.

The new software allows using all features of 5-button, 2-wheel PS/2 mice connected to Amiga through the COCOLINO adapter. Each of the additional mouse buttons may now have any of the following functions assigned:
? simulation of clicking the Left Button + Shift held down,
? Toggle Left Button function
? Mouse Movement to Scroll conversion
? Toggle Move/Scroll function
? Cycle Screens function
? Depth Arrange Windows
? Vertical to Horizontal Scroll conversion
? Swap Axis - Horizontal and Vertical scrolling events exchanging

cocolino.driver ver. 1.1
- added the possibility of adjusting speed of digital-encoded wheels and additional mouse buttons signals transmission to the Amiga Mouse port.

FreeWheel ver. 2.2
- added full support for the 5th mouse button.

FreeWheel 2.2 is available for download at the official FreeWheel page.

About Cocolino:
The COCOLINO PS/2 Mouse Interface is a microprocessor-based adapter for attaching PS/2 mice, trackballs, glidepoints and radio-controlled mice from the world of PC computers. COCOLINO can work with all models of Amiga computers. It simply plugs into the Amiga's mouse port. The COCOLINO PS/2 Mouse Interface is a full 'plug and play' device. No software is required for standard use. The enclosed software allows using two wheels and 3rd, 4th and 5th buttons available in many PS/2 mice and trackballs. The COCOLINO interface starts working simultaneous with the computer's start so mice can be used in the early-startup-menu (unlike the mice connected through the serial port). COCOLINO uses linear movement interpolation, which makes mouse movements perfectly smooth with any screen frame rates.

Info on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Cocolino section.

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