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Announcement   Announcement : Amiga Island BBS
   posted by Syperhawk on 19-Oct-2008 1:59:51 (4198 reads)
Hey All! Amiga Island Bulletin Board System is back On-Line!

Its now running on an AmigaOne XE 800 OS4.1
Running Cnet BBS V5.10b (C)2005-2007 Storm Edge Technologies (Read more)

Seems I had some problems getting the System back Online. Turn out to be a problem with my Router... Fixed that . Got a new 1! :)

Anyways sorry for the LONG Delay. I was trying to get it setup on another Amithlon System which I had running for Years. Seems the hardware I ordered didn't work out.. So I decided to Transfer the BBS over to my AmigaOne.

Seems to be running OK
Remember the good old days?
If Yes, Telnet to Amiga Island BBS Today! :)

Featuring Amiga OS4x/OS3x File Areas
Online Games: like Wheel of Fortune/Murder Motel/Hack 'N' Slash/Boxing etc
Message Areas
Live Conference Chat
& More..



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Re: Amiga Island BBS
Posted on 21-Oct-2008 23:39:40
#21 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 22-Feb-2005
Posts: 270
From: Cape Breton,Nova Scotia CANADA

Poster: Mr_Capehill Date: 21-Oct-2008 7:48:50

@syperhawk: please try "blacklisting" cnet.library in Compatibility prefs. If that makes CNet to work for you, then it may be an JIT issue.

Is this crash always reproducible?

Never knew you could blacklist
Will try that



Amiga Island BBS
Telnet:-> (Down Until Futher Notice)
Telnet:-> (Down Until Further Notice)

 Status: Offline
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Re: Amiga Island BBS
Posted on 29-Oct-2008 16:22:31
#22 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 21-May-2004
Posts: 276
From: Auckland, New Zealand


Please make sure that all the executables (including the libraries) are added to the black list via Compatibility prefs. If it is not fixing the crashes then you might try to remove Petunia from the kicklayout (commenting out with semicolon is enough then coldreboot) and try again.
There are lot more factors in 68k compatibility than the JIT emulator, if it runs without crashes when blacklisted or when Petunia is removed then we might say it is JIT related. Judging from the crashlog it has nothing to do with the JIT, crashes "outside" in some other component.

Álmos Rajnai

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