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Software News   Software News : Slideshow Builder / Addslideshow-Plugin for iBatch
   posted by gerograph on 2-Jul-2011 10:31:20 (1374 reads)
Slideshow Builder enables you to generate slideshows for any image directory. It works as standalone or as plugin for iBatch Version 1.1 or higher.

Slideshow Builder can generate slideshows for AmigaOS 4.x PPC, AmigaOS 68k, Windows, Mac OS (PPC und x86) and AROS. The look of your slideshow can easily be determined by a GUI, this includes "Transition Effects", "Imageframes", "Backdrops" and "Navigationbuttons". Generated slideshows are highly optimated in regards of a modern and professional "look".

There is a huge amount of "Backdrops" and "Navigationbuttons" included (Backdrops can also be used as Workbench wallpaper, of course) All "Backdrops" and "Navigationbuttons" can be freely distributed/used in commercial and non commercial projects. License models had been checked by me ! (E.g. company presentations).

- viewermodes including "Navigationbuttons"
- showmodes (autoplay slideshow)
- window of fullscreenmode for slideshows
- predefined resolutions: 320x240; 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1280x1024
- subtitles
- introtext
- available in english,spanish,italian and german language

You need wizard.library in order to run this program. I suggest to download all required files from iBatch website:

in case wizard.library is already installed, you can use these links as well:
Addslideshow (about 100MB - including all "Backdrops")
Addslideshow light (about 35MB - just a few "Backdrops")

Starting example slideshow for Windows or AmigaOS 4.x:
1) unpack Archive and start "slidshow" program inside SSBuilder/Example

Create your own Slideshow:
0) install wizard.library (check [url][/url] for a link)
1) unpack archive and start "addslideshow-plugin" program insid
e SSBuilder/SlideshowBuilder dir
2) choose image directory (e.g. SSBuilder/Example)
3) choose e.g. "staticshow" inside listview
4) select resolution (e.g. 640x480)
5) tick target system(s)
6) accept Requester with OK
7) goto targetdirectory and start "slideshow" program

Enjoy Gero

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