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Software News   Software News : WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
   posted by Zontrox on 3-Dec-2012 4:57:14 (1989 reads)
Toni Wilen has just released another great update of the popular Amiga emulator (02.12.2012) with many improvements, features and bugs fixed.

Click

New features and updates:

- GUI is finally fully resizeable! GUI font is configurable.
- GUI position, size and fonts saved separately for windowed, fullwindow and fullscreen modes.
- GUI CD audio volume control added.
- Syncronize clock option does full time sync when emulation is unpaused or exited from GUI.
- Memory configuration can be fully modified (on the fly, loading state file or using Restart button)
without need to rerun the emulator.
- RTG screenshot and video recording directly from emulated VRAM if capture before filtering ticked.
- RTG monitor (if multiple monitors) selection added to GUI.
- RTG hardware sprite and hardware vblank emulation are now optional.
- Chipset "Wait for Blitter" too fast CPU workaround added, enabled by default, fixes most graphics
glitches if program does not wait for the blitter, more compatible than immediate blitter.
- Optional fake 1G directory harddrive size limit for old programs that think drive is full or has
negative space if drive is bigger than 2G. Can be changed on the fly.
- Added disable notification icon option.
- Added blank unused displays(s) (opens full screen topmost black window(s)) option.
- CD32 CD controller emulation improved (Missing Guardian and Universe CD32 CD audio)
- AutoVSync 100Hz/120Hz capable monitor support added.
- Low latency vsync and legacy vsync stability improved.
- Full PC hardware interlaced mode support.
- 68060 missing integer instructions are not anymore emulated if more compatible CPU checkbox is checked.
- Chipset emulation improvements. (EyeQlazer/Scoopex, Blerkenwiegel/Scoopex, No Way Demo/Academy,
Brian the Lion AGA, SuperPlus monitor mode)
- Sometimes appearing Windows "no disk in drive" dialogs that point to missing harddrive path are gone.
- Audio emulation quality improved.
- Parallel port sampler emulation audio quality improved.
- GamePorts panel remap option allows separate axis configuration and multiple events.
- Game Ports panel Test mode can be used to test any kind of input event, not just joystick events.
- Lots of Input panel improvements. (qualifiers, custom events etc)
- Easy to use debug logging option added to Paths panel.
- Optional MIDI In to Out routing added.
- 64-bit build supports 2.5G address space, allowing up to 2G of Z3 expansion memory.

2.4.x bugs fixed:

- Add Harddrive dialog didn't list all harddrives on some Windows XP systems.
- New CDFS didn't work with DVDs (2G size limit) and Joliet CDs.
- Extended ADF write support was accidentally disabled.
- "ALT-TAB or middle mouse button untraps mouse - F12 opens settings" window title was missing.
- Directory filesystem 64-bit seek packet implementation was broken.
- USB HID game controller [-] and [+] input axis movement was broken.
- SPTI + built-in CDFS crash.
- uaescsi.device error codes fixed (MakeCD)

Older bugs fixed:

- RTG palette (if 8-bit mode) wasn't saved to statefile.
- Disable screen saver option haven't worked properly since 2.0.
- Warp mode didn't work in all vsync modes.
- CD image mounter MDS image CD audio tracks didn't play if subchannel data was not included,
MDS image data tracks with subchannel data didn't work at all.
- CD/CD image on the fly switching was unreliable. (Again)
- Random unexplained graphics glitches when cycle-exact CPU enabled and bsdsocket emulation was in use.
- Some chipset mode on the fly configuration changes caused blank screen when returning back to RTG mode.
- Volume control in WASAPI exclusive mode didn't work.
- Windows XP blank screen after ALT-TAB back to Direct3D fullscreen mode.
- Direct3D pixel alignment errors in some modes. (Again)
- Many Input configuration fixes.
- Windows Mouse mouse mode sometimes stopped at invisible barriers.
- CD32 CD audio was delayed.

You can download the latest version from the links below:

Download Installer version.
Download ZIP version.

For more and the latest please visit the Official Winuae Website.

Thank you Toni, for your continuous work on this great Amiga emulator.

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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 3-Dec-2012 6:01:27
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Dec-2004
Posts: 2641
From: Wellington

Thanks Toni for your excellent work.

Donation made.


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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 3-Dec-2012 6:32:53
#2 ]
Super Member
Joined: 18-Jul-2004
Posts: 1088
From: Europe


Please fix the authors' name...

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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 3-Dec-2012 8:44:24
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Jun-2004
Posts: 5006
From: Sweden

Time to update my laptop :)

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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 3-Dec-2012 9:37:55
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Apr-2005
Posts: 782
From: Houston, Texas USA

I just bought a brand new Core i5 3.1Ghz quadcore w7 puter specifically to run this program. Now I have the power!

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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 3-Dec-2012 19:44:07
#5 ]
Team Member
Joined: 20-Aug-2003
Posts: 6291
From: County Yakima, WA State, USA




Please fix the authors' name...

I believe I fixed it. Someone tell me if I have it correct now. Toni Wilen?


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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 7-Dec-2012 8:04:25
#6 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 10-Jul-2005
Posts: 8621
From: Unknown

Well done!

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Re: WinUAE v2.5.0 Released
Posted on 9-Dec-2012 0:51:23
#7 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 9-Mar-2003
Posts: 3925
From: Australia

Thanks for the update. Donation made

Last edited by Hammer on 09-Dec-2012 at 12:53 AM.

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