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software AROS   software AROS : AEROS for Pi beta 2 available on SD-card
   posted by phoenixkonsole on 17-Jun-2013 11:05:50 (2075 reads)
After a long time, some news:

Starting from today registered users can download the sd card image of beta 2.

"registered/invited" are all who have ever donated or bought something on or .

Read more --->

The video shows that something has done in terms of speed. (Start, booting)

Both Linux and AROS side is the potential performance increase of 20-30%. But that is the Maximum of Pi.

I use the 256MB version, 512 of course bring more, because its less swap.

Because of Traffic and free web space and that I want more ARM apps, I offer the following service:

Anyone who has some patience to wait for the stripped down "free version" can do so, or download the latest AROS hosted from

You are not forced to buy this. You can still get a early access account by donating, buying a game or app from Or you can ask a dealer to write the image for you.

Maybe Stephen can do a better video : )
Everyone who has an account could share it with friends. You can redistribute as always.

If I missed someone who is qualified for early access, please send me a mail.
Due to some law restrictions (private data security) I don't know who bought an AresOne from Vesalia.

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AxRuntime v41.2 Released
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Re: AEROS for Pi beta 2 available on SD-card
Posted on 18-Jun-2013 22:26:37
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2005
Posts: 2020
From: Cheshire, England

Neat, good work. I feel aros or any type of amiga system is a good fit for the pi community. hope it produces some more interest in your community and OS. I must try out aros more, as I was impressed by AspireOS on my Acer netbook but that guy called it quiets now so may have to check out another one, its just finding the time. keep up the good work.

AmigaNG, YouTube, LeaveReality Studio

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Re: AEROS for Pi beta 2 available on SD-card
Posted on 20-Jun-2013 23:00:49
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 25-Nov-2004
Posts: 685
From: London(uk)

Acer netbook but that guy called it quiets now so may have to check out another one

You are wrong and he is about release a new distro soon.


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Re: AEROS for Pi beta 2 available on SD-card
Posted on 23-Jun-2013 3:00:20
#3 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 9-Dec-2008
Posts: 994
From: Norway, Oslo

Amigang: I'm the guy behing AspireOS. I have not quit. I just took a break :) There will be a new update to AspireOS soon. Beginning of July.Thx for the interest.

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Re: AEROS for Pi beta 2 available on SD-card
Posted on 23-Jun-2013 11:33:42
#4 ]
Super Member
Joined: 8-Nov-2009
Posts: 1770
From: Unknown

Thumbs up! : )
I spend some time on the AspireOS installer for AEROS r4... i was worried for nothing...

AROS Broadway - AEROS - Aminux - AmiCloud - indieGO! Appstore - AmiWallet - VAN lossless video codec - AMC Amiga media Center -KrypUnite - LibertyNet - MinX - amigaNX

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