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Software News   Software News : WinUAE (0.8.22 R2) released
   posted by _Steve_ on 14-Nov-2002 20:49:14 (1818 reads)
The latest update to the Amiga Emulator WinUAE (0.8.22 R2) has just been made.

Changes to WinUAE (0.8.22R2) include:

  • Kickstart 1.3 RDB and regular hardfile autoboot/automount support KS 1.3 regular (non-RDB) HDF autoboot requires FastFileSystem from WB1.3:L in KS roms-directory

  • keyboard/mouse/joystick handling rewritten for DirectInput Windows keys are now 100% usable as an Amiga keys and SHIFT-keys don't get stuck anymore

  • mouse speed configuration

  • all keyboard keys (even special "multimedia keys") are available in input-tab configuration window

  • configurable floppy drive type (3.5"DD/3.5"HD/A1010 5.25"SD)

Following features require Windows 2000 or Windows XP

  • "unlimited" hardfile size (2G limit removed), uaehf.device now supports TD64 and NSD -style 64-bit addressing NTFS filesystem required for >4G hardfiles (FAT32 max file size is about 4G)
    WARNING: Make sure installed AmigaOS is new enough (OS 3.9 recommended)

  • ability to mount real harddisks with full RDB automount/autoboot support

  • Amithlon partition support

Bugs fixed:

  • Slow harddisk, CDROM, etc.. performance in non-CPU idle mode

  • CPU idle tweaks, defaults to off, config file support

  • disk emulation improvements

  • added missing configuration file entries

  • better compatibility with old config files

  • 68000 "more compatible"-checkbox works again

  • fixed uaehf.device crash with older HDToolBox versions

  • custom chipset fixes (Chaos Engine AGA/CD32, Obliterator, Terrorpods etc..)

  • GUI's screenshot-button was always disabled

  • state file restore fixes (CPU type is automatically restored correctly and more)

  • switch from fullscreen/no-vsync to vsync-mode crash fixed

  • filesystem "ghost"-file bug fixed (but filesystem emulation still have some bugs left..)

  • bsdsocket emulation compatibility fixes

  • fixed serial and printer port defaults

Download WinUAE (0.8.22R2) Installer (1,014,114 bytes)
Download WinUAE (0.8.22R2) ZIP (977,476 bytes)

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