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Hardware News   Hardware News : What's in a name?
   posted by TrevorDick on 23-Oct-2013 21:55:57 (8339 reads)
Here is your chance to help select the names for the new AmigaONE models based on the Cyrus Plus motherboard and Freescale QorIQ CPU combinations. As a result of direct feedback we are listing the 12 most popular naming groups that have been suggested.

Your chance to name the babies?

If you would like to help shape the AmigaONE’s future please select your first and second choices and email your vote to: with "Cyrus Plus" name in the subject line.

Trevor Dickinson
We're just Breezin!

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 17:13:47
#21 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2005
Posts: 1918
From: Cheshire, England

how about
AmigaONE pointTWO

I voted for no.11

AmigaNG, YouTube, LeaveReality Studio

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 17:14:46
#22 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 12-Mar-2003
Posts: 2209
From: Zaragoza (Aragonian State)

If causing chaos is not the goal:
1. Leave prefixes like "A" (specially) or "AX" out as it just adds confusion and could make users confuse old classics with modern ppc machines.
2. Leave out suffixes like slash + 20, 30, 40 or 60 as it just adds confusion with 680x0 cpus used with classics.

The only spanish amiga news web page/club: CUAZ

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 18:08:41
#23 ]
Super Member
Joined: 28-Mar-2003
Posts: 1230
From: Harbor Gateway, Gardena, Ca.

Good Day,

Numbering should make some sense IMHO.

So like this,

1St digit = number of cores,

2nd digit = Altivec, 0 for no,1 for yes.

3rd and 4th digit = clock. So for example my A1XE 1Ghz would have been an X1110,
1=core ,altivec 1=yes, 10=1Ghz. The X1000 would have been X2118.

You know what's inside as soon as you see it.


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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 19:17:56
#24 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 8-Mar-2003
Posts: 963
From: Unknown


Wasn't the original idea of that One in AmigaOne the machine has one CPU or CPU core.

No. IIRC, the "one" stands for "unity", or "one OS to rule them all" or something like that: whatever CPU (x86, PPC, MIPS, Alpha - IIRC) you were using in your AmigaONE, it would always run AmigaDE.

AmigaDE never showed up, so the only AmigaOnes ever built were the ones from Eyetech, because they were initially targeting AmigaOS. But the original plan was to have AmigaOnes from many different outlets, using different CPU options.

These days, Hyperion only has a license for the "AmigaOne" brand - but if you pronounce it like AMIGA(one), it sounds remotely similar to the real thing, so that's what they're using.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 20:05:38
#25 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 16-Mar-2004
Posts: 2242
From: Ostwestfalen, FRG

Miley. Fits to the motherboard's name.

My programs:
MorphOS user since V0.4 (2001)

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 20:57:59
#26 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 8-Jun-2004
Posts: 2334
From: Elche (Alicante), spain

Didn't Bill McEwan said that the ONE in the AmigaONE is because it have one core? So in theory the Aeon Amigas should be named AmigaTWO and AmigaFour

EDIT : I realize now that I'm not the first to say this this happens to me for not reading every post before commenting

Wasn't the original idea of that One in AmigaOne the machine has one CPU or CPU core. So dual core should be AmigaTwo and four core AmigaFour. PowerAmiga sounds more cool definetly. (But I guess it's all of licensing what names can be used.) Q sounds cute but I think X should be kept so people knows it's a follower of X1000.

I agree - never understood why it was kept as it was a throwback from the old Amiga Inc. days of talking and no action when (if memory serves correct) it was used to indicate the number of CPUs or cores in each machine - there would have been an AmigaTWO etc.

Last edited by Fransexy on 24-Oct-2013 at 09:04 PM.

No PowerPC, No Fun
Make Amiga Great Again

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 21:15:02
#27 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Dec-2004
Posts: 3398
From: Freedom world

Due to complete boreness today I went to google zico specs:


Q. Why is the AmigaOne nothing more than a PC specification?

The Zico specification is the minimum set required for the AmigaOne certification process. It represents the low end of an AmigaOne product.

Nowhere is said it cant have more than one CPU or core.

Last edited by itix on 24-Oct-2013 at 09:15 PM.

Amiga Developer
Amiga 500, Efika, Mac Mini and PowerBook

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 24-Oct-2013 23:38:32
#28 ]
Super Member
Joined: 17-Dec-2007
Posts: 1816
From: Gothenburg, THE front side of Sweden ;), (via Finland), EU


First choice:
AmigaOne Cyrus X3041
AmigaOne Cyrus X5020
AmigaOne Cyrus X5040

Second choice:
AmigaOne Cyrus X3500
AmigaOne Cyrus X5000/20
AmigaOne Cyrus X5000/40

My own suggestion:
AmigaOne Cyrus X2000 / 32 / 02 -> X2000 / 302
AmigaOne Cyrus X2000 / 64 / 02 -> X2000 / 602
AmigaOne Cyrus X2000 / 64 / 04 -> X2000 / 604

Or simply:
AmigaOne Cyrus 302
AmigaOne Cyrus 602
AmigaOne Cyrus 604

Last edited by marko on 25-Oct-2013 at 12:04 AM.
Last edited by marko on 25-Oct-2013 at 12:02 AM.
Last edited by marko on 24-Oct-2013 at 11:58 PM.
Last edited by marko on 24-Oct-2013 at 11:58 PM.

AmigaOS 4.1 FEu2 on Sam440ep-flex 800MHz 1GB RAM
C128, A500+, A1200, A1200/40, AmigaForever 2008+09+16, 5 x86/x64 boxes
Still waiting (or dreaming) for the Amiga revolution...

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 25-Oct-2013 6:49:12
#29 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 8-May-2011
Posts: 285
From: Unknown


I think the X should be in there to continue the new tradition, plus have an A in there when there is already the word 'Amiga' in the name doesn't make sense. The X gives a nod to Xena and Linux which is appropriate IMHO.

1st choice:

AmigaOne X5020
AmigaOne X5040

2nd choice:

AmigaOne X5000/20
AmigaOne X5000/40

Although I like the tradition of having the processor reference after a backlash (Commodore style) I think the building it in, as with my first choice, is more 'radio friendly' and looks better, less like some strange maths equation

An alternative...?

AmigaOne 5000/20
AmigaOne 5000/40

Thanks for the efforts in bringing more new hardware! Fingers crossed I can afford this one.

Last edited by gtmooya on 25-Oct-2013 at 07:00 AM.

gtmooya's blog

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 25-Oct-2013 9:02:14
#30 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Aug-2003
Posts: 5888
From: Work


Actually a good idea, since it's the simplest. I doubt we'll see many competing P5020 solutions

"Which processor does this X5020@2GHz have?" - "well, duh"

This weeks pet peeve:
Using "voltage" instead of "potential", which leads to inventing new words like "amperage" instead of "current" (I, measured in A) or possible "charge" (amperehours, Ah or Coulomb, C). Sometimes I don't even know what people mean.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 25-Oct-2013 9:51:05
#31 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-May-2003
Posts: 4228
From: Sweden

What happened to the simple X? I think the most obvious succession would be AmigaONE X2000 since it is a direct successor of the X1000 and still have Xena, or the variations X2020/X2040 to indicate number of cores.

Where did the A come from in AX?

Btw. What's the crunchability increase from the X1000 CPU to the e5500 on a per core basis?

- Don't get fooled by my avatar, I'm not like that (anymore, mostly... maybe only sometimes)
> Amiga Classic and OS4 developer for OnyxSoft.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 25-Oct-2013 14:35:33
#32 ]
Joined: 16-Oct-2009
Posts: 87
From: UK

I agree with Deniil715 (#31) in that the most obvious & logical name is missing from the list - X2000.

Why not keep things ordered & simple. IMHO the most appropriate names would be:

AmigaOne X2000 ec - for the P3041 (P3 series) as its significantly lower spec CPU to the P5.

AmigaOne X2000 - for the P5020.

AmigaOne X2000+ - for the P5040.


AmigaOne X1500 - for the P3041.

AmigaOne X2000 - for the P5020 OR BOTH P5 based models - as they are very similar.

AmigaOne X2500 - for the P5040 (if not calling both P5 models X2000).

Last edited by Tpod on 25-Oct-2013 at 05:37 PM.

A2000+Supra28mhz+9mbRAM+OS3.2, CD32 & WinUAE

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 25-Oct-2013 15:44:05
#33 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2005
Posts: 436
From: San Francisco

My big issues is that new product's don't interfere with the previous naming scheme.

We don't need another A2000, A3000, or anything C= line. We have those, let them stand for the glory that they are.

Name collision also causes problem with internet (google) searching and confuses new people to the platform.

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

PS, #11 all the way!

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 26-Oct-2013 4:19:47
#34 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2008
Posts: 3786
From: Toronto, Canada

@ tekmage

+ 1, between 11 & 12 for me.

c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 26-Oct-2013 7:44:56
#35 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Jun-2012
Posts: 1628
From: Norway

Ye, I dont like the "A" prefix. Not because from a "pureist" point of view vs the Commodore line.
The mixup with the old names, plus the Amiga X1000 already gives decent hits and direction on Google, so contiuing the "x" prefix would be preferable.
X1000, 2000 etc etc.

Many of the suggestions are very underwhelming. Doesnt catch the attention of anyone except the existing crowd. A cynic will say "doesnt matter, noone but the exisiting Amiga nutters will hear or care about it anyhow!", but that shouldnt be the basis you name something.
Should name for expansion and attractive name on stands and newsreleases.
Shouldnt be too long and complex, to the point where you risk getting your tounge in a knot.

Last edited by Overflow on 26-Oct-2013 at 07:47 AM.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 28-Oct-2013 2:20:42
#36 ]
Joined: 3-Sep-2013
Posts: 12
From: Australia

In the spirit of KISS:

AmigaOne X1000 (Nemo-based)
=> AmigaOne X2000 (Cyrus-based)

Other companies generally distinguish configuration differences (e.g. CPU) by a part number, but not the name itself. However if uniqueness is required:

AmigaOne X2000/15
AmigaOne X2000/20
AmigaOne X2000/24

Last edited by nightwing on 28-Oct-2013 at 05:55 AM.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 29-Oct-2013 21:28:16
#37 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 21-Aug-2007
Posts: 644
From: Finland

Im with Marko on this one.

Simply name it Amiga Cyrus (or AmigaOne as i guess is necessary).

And then if you plan on making more than just one of these Cyrus based machines, you make more distinction between different versions:

AmigaOne Cyrus One
AmigaOne Cyrus Two

if there are two designs, one one core and another one multicore, maybe then even;

Amigaone Cyrus One X2 (model one - 2 cores version)


Amigaone Cyrus V1
Amigaone Cyrus V2

Amigaone Cyrus 1
Amigaone Cyrus 2

or even

Amigaone Cyrus 1000

giving possiblity to name stripped down version 500
and multicore 2000

That way it is easier to recognise even for us who are less tech heady. And if i would see this machine somewhere, and would then want to google about it, Having Cyrus in its name, would bring me to these original messages titles Cyrus something that have already been written about it, making it easier to find info and recognise in future too.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 31-Oct-2013 12:10:24
#38 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 14-Mar-2003
Posts: 5210
From: Ylikiiminki, Finland

After going through the thread, my favorites:
X3041 or X1500/4
X5020 or X2000/2
X5040 or X2400/4

The first shows clearly that the system has xena and certain CPU.
Second options hints about the clockrate and number of cores (=rough performance hint).
(if we have QorlQ T series one day, the naming only becomes harder??)

(also... idea for pricing: EUR1500, EUR2000 and EUR2400 All cheaper than x1000, but too pricey for me (tm))

..for QorlQ T generation...
X1020 or X1400/2
X2080 or X1800/8+
X4240 or X1800/24+


x1000 first generation
x1500/4 second generation, P3041 based
x2000/2 -"- 5020 based
x2000/4 -"- 5040 based
x3000/2ec third generation T1020 based or perhaps X1020 as it should be very similar to x1000....
x3000/8 third generation 2080 based
x4000/24 ... 4240 based

everything below x1000 in performance should be below 1000 in numbering ....
So if Acube releases some new dualcore it could be F600 F800 etc. if it has xena, then X600 etc...

(good that I do not do the naming.....)

Last edited by KimmoK on 31-Oct-2013 at 12:36 PM.
Last edited by KimmoK on 31-Oct-2013 at 12:32 PM.

- KimmoK
// For freedom, for honor, for AMIGA
// Thing that I should find more time for: CC64 - 64bit Community Computer?

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 31-Oct-2013 16:37:10
#39 ]
Super Member
Joined: 14-Feb-2006
Posts: 1134
From: Kingston upon Hull, UK


Thankyou for that! I've been trying to locate those specifications for years now. I knew I'd read them somewhere back in ~2003-2004, but had never been able to find them again since.

"Zico" was the keyword I was missing.

Troll - n., A disenfranchised former potential customer who remains interested enough to stay informed and express critical opinions.
opp., the vast majority who voted silently with their feet.

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Re: What's in a name?
Posted on 1-Nov-2013 2:28:34
#40 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2003
Posts: 541
From: Birmingham, UK

It's worth bearing in mind Commodore never released anything called the Amiga A2000 for instance... It was the Amiga 2000 or A2000 for short, so having AmigaOne followed by an A and then a number makes no sense. The X, to mean means it's has a Xena in it, thus AmigaOne Xxxxx is probably the most appropriate naming scheme, and yes avoiding the numbers that have gone before makes sense.

Sven Harvey
Amiga Mart in Micro Mart, Geekology 4M@, and other places
A1000, A2000, A1500 A500, CDTV, A500+, A600, A4000, A1200, CD32, AT A1200HD, A1-XE

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