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 OlafS25:  5 hrs 15 mins ago News News : indieGO-Marketplace (A multiplattform appstore) update
   posted by phoenixkonsole on 28-Feb-2014 10:58:53 (2909 reads)
The web-Interface for developers has now all Basic functionality in working condition. Sure, there will be more to come but a base is done.

Don't expect too much. So no Hollywood Blockbusters ; ) But a home for nerd and indie stuff... (Please click 'Read more')

Maybe "nerd-steam" could describe it a little.

7z files are in the moment the only accepted filetype. This will be changed today to:

7z, lha, pdf, txt, zip, dmg, igo, mp3, ogg, avi, mov, divx, lzh, tar.gz,

If you think we should allow additional stuff, please tell me so i can add it.

Filesize Limit is now raised to 2GB but in case you Need more, feel free to ask.

A bit Information can be found here:

Thread on

A detailed how to for developers (Manual will follow).

In Addition but not as "enforcement" we will introduce a package system (usable for all target platforms) and similar to what a deb is to Debian.

Developers are free to use our package creating Tools.

I for myself will use them for my own distros as Broadway and AEROS.
The idea is to give users the ease and freedom to build there own AROS distro from scratch and offer a central place to find applications, games, Demos, Music, Books and movies.

A public release will follow in march..

Everyone who applies for developer-status in March will get a reduced fee of 12%.
This means in case you sell something for 10, you would get 10-12%.
There is no other fee to pay.
Developers who don't wan't to sell anything are also invited to upload their stuff for free.
After march the fee will raise month after month by 3%-Points until it reaches 30%.

This is the automatically set fee. This can be changed individually at any point.

Client-application (text and GUI) will be available for Windows, Linux, OSX, AROS, AmigaOS, MorphOS and more.

The Server-Api documentation will be shared on request, so others could make own Clients.

Distro- and OS-Mainatiner can participate through a referral-system which shares Revenue created using their distro or OS automatically.

So after all the Money talk:
99% will be free! Think about Debian repositories..

If developers are interested, they can be invited to test and discuss Features and bugs on our secret Forum.

official indiego markeplace Website:
Thread on
Screenshot of updated dev-section

People who donated or paid for AEROS will get later a download-code which grants updates using the marketplace-clients.

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Re: indieGO-Marketplace (A multiplattform appstore) update
Posted on 28-Feb-2014 13:21:29
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From: Unknown

Sorry for my bad english.
In fact I am looking for a PR guy ; ) If you think you are up to this and can live with a pay per Job rule... Feel free to contact me.

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