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Announcement   Announcement : New AHI driver for AmigaOS4
   posted by geen_naam on 31-Mar-2021 22:00:51 (3065 reads)
April 1st, 2021:

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new AHI driver for AmigaOS4.1. This driver supports PCIe soundcards that comply with the Intel HD Audio (Azalia) specification.

Analog recording ( for now 16bit up to 192kHz) as well as analog playback (up to 7.1 channels and up to 32bit/384kHz) are supported. Support for digital inputs and outputs is planned for a next release.

AHI prefs offers both 16bit and 32bit HIFI modes. These modes basically determine what audio resolution goes into AHI. The output of the AHI HIFI mixing routine will always be 32bit. This driver will automatically select the best available resolution for playback.

A basic mixer tool is included to provide volume control.

Which cards do work (verified):
- Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy FX (24bit/192kHz 5.1)
- Startech PEXSOUND7CH (24bit/192kHz 7.1) -> Available under many different brands
- Fransande 411944 (24bit/192kHz 7.1) -> Available under many different brands

Cards that should work:
- Terratec AUREON 7.1 PCIe (will arive shortly for verfication)
- Basically every combination of HDaudio controllers and HD audio multichannel codecs (eg. CA0113, CM8828, CM8888, CM9882A ALC898 etc)

Older cards that might work (no guarantees):
- Asus Xonar Phoebus solo (CM8888 in combination with high quality discrete DACs)
- Powercolor Devil HDX (CM8888 in combination with discrete DACs)

Cards that do not work (yet):
- Core3d (CA0132) based Sound Blasters (Eg Z, AE-5, AE-7, AE-9 etc). These cards have a DSP (ca0132) instead of an audio codec. Support is planned but don't hold your breath because extensive and undocumented configuration is required.

Cards that will never work:
- PCIe Asus soundcards that are on sale now. These cards are either AV100 ( rebadged CMI8788), CM8786 or C-media 6632AX (USB chip) based. Neither of these chips comply with the Intel HDaudio standard.
- Sound blaster Audigy RX and all other EMU based or X-FI based sound blasters. (do not comply with the Intel HD audio standard)
- Non-PCIe soundcards in general like external USB cards.

See readme for more information.

The driver is called HDaudio_AHI.lha and is available for download at: OS4Depot

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Re: New AHI driver for AmigaOS4
Posted on 25-Apr-2021 14:30:32
#21 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 29-Nov-2003
Posts: 111
From: The Netherlands

I've uploaded a new version (6.7) to os4depot with the following changes:

6.7: (25 Apr 2021)
- Bug fixes (Recording source Selection)
- Added support for SAM440*/460 boards
- Added 24bit recording
- Added profiles for faster driver loading (most noticeable with a Sound Blaster FX)
- Added HD audio front panel support.

*)The sam440ep-flex doesn't have PCIe ports. But the driver was successfully tested with low profile HD audio cards and the Startech PCI1PEX1 PCI-> PCIe x1 adapter.

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Re: New AHI driver for AmigaOS4
Posted on 31-Dec-2021 21:49:53
#22 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 13-Jun-2003
Posts: 477
From: Unknown

What's the best card to use with this driver?


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