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 pixie:  18 mins ago
 AndreasM:  1 hr 4 mins ago
 VooDoo:  1 hr 21 mins ago
 kolla:  1 hr 47 mins ago
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 bhabbott:  1 hr 52 mins ago
 OlafS25:  2 hrs 25 mins ago
 ArtRom:  2 hrs 30 mins ago
 Ratta:  2 hrs 38 mins ago
 Musashi5150:  2 hrs 41 mins ago News News : Enhancer Software 2.1 Released
   posted by amigakit on 17-Oct-2021 19:34:59 (2648 reads)

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to confirm immediate availablity of the Enhancer Software Release 2.1.

This update is free to download for existing Enhancer Software V2 users from our Updater utility. A digital download edition can be purchased from AMIStore App Store.

It represents six months of hard work from the Amiga Developer Team demonstrating the commitment to our user base.

A large amount of new components have been upgraded and added in Release 2.1:

* Video Acceleration Library has been updated with bug fixes.

* Warp3D Nova has been updated with further bug fixes.

* RadeonRX driver updated to Version 2.8

* New Tabbed Gadget Class added with many great features such as draggable tabs. It replaces ClickTab in many of our applications.

* Archiver tool converted to use Tabbed GC with draggable tabs and a special [+] tab to create new tabs.

* InfoWB commodity has been further updated with shift and click toggling of tooltypes, tooltype toolbar, Find and Replace, Tabbed GC, Polish localisation and many bug fixes.

* X-Dock has a new array of features added to the Prefs such as button sorting, renaming docks, configuring separator look.

* New AK-Datatypes added: BMP and 8SVX

* New Datatypes Prefs added for managing the system datatypes

* Sound Prefs upgraded

* Sound Datatypes upgraded

* TuneNet has a new Visuals menu and a few more bug fixes.

* DOS Commands updated

Please click Read More for the full list of changes and screen shots

Special Thanks

The package has been the result of a small dedicated team who have committed great efforts to this body of work. A-EON would like to thank the developers, beta testers and translators for their significant contributions.

What has changed in this release?


Tabbed Gadget v54.408 (added)
ListViewer Gadget v54.5 (updated)


Assign v54.4 (updated)
AddDatatypes v54.6 (updated)
AddBuffers v54.3 (added)
Copy v54.8 (updated)
Dir v54.2 (updated)
List v54.8 (updated)
MakeDir v54.8 (updated)
Version v54.11 (updated)


InfoWB v53.36 (updated)


AK-8SVX v54.1 (added)
AK-BMP v54.3 (added)
AK-ILBM v54.15 (updated)
AK-JFIF v54.16 (updated)
MOD v54.3 (updated)
MPEGA Datatype v54.11 (updated)
Sound Datatype v54.13 (updated)
WAV Datatype v54.13 (updated)


RadeonRX v2.8 (updated)


Datatypes Library v54.14 (updated)
MPEGA Library v2.4 (added)
VA Library v1.8 (updated)
Warp3D Nova Library v1.86 (updated)
Warp3D Nova GCN Library v1.86 (updated)
Warp3D Nova SI Library v1.86 (updated)


Datatypes v54.10 (added)
Notifications v54.4 (updated)
Sound v53.27 (updated)


CLI v54.2 (added)
Format v54.12 (updated)
NotificationServer v54.4 (updated)


Archiver v53.20 (updated)
MultiViewer v3.8 (updated)
TuneNet v2.16 (updated)
X-Dock v2.48 (updated)


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Re: Enhancer Software 2.1 Released
Posted on 20-Oct-2021 0:45:09
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 4-Mar-2008
Posts: 3796
From: Toronto, Canada

thanks to all involved

c64-2sids, A1000, A1200T-060@50(finally working!),A4000-CSMKIII
! My Master Miggies- Amiga 1000 & AmigaOne X1000 !

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Re: Enhancer Software 2.1 Released
Posted on 20-Oct-2021 4:54:38
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2010
Posts: 782
From: Unknown

Will the Enhancer 2 physical version come for sale soon? Prefer buying a CD version of this if possible. thx . TJ

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Re: Enhancer Software 2.1 Released
Posted on 20-Oct-2021 10:35:24
#3 ]
Amiga Kit
Joined: 28-Jun-2004
Posts: 2452


Thanks for the warm words. It is a collective team effort for our unsung heroes: developers, beta testers and translators. Without these hard working members of the Amiga Developer Team, these Enhancer Software releases would not be possible. They keep the flame burning.


It will be available very soon, along with a DvPlayer boxed edition. Thanks.

Amiga Kit Amiga Store
Links: | New Products | X5000

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Re: Enhancer Software 2.1 Released
Posted on 20-Oct-2021 16:43:28
#4 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2010
Posts: 782
From: Unknown

Great news AmigaKit. Thx. tj

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Re: Enhancer Software 2.1 Released
Posted on 23-Oct-2021 14:58:38
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 24-Dec-2004
Posts: 334
From: Unknown


I tried to purchase DVPlayer 54.4, however my both Mastercards are refused. (they work on other sites as Amazon, Qobuz FR e.t.c).

Is there a restriction for some countries ?

P.S.I can't use Paypal in my country.

AmigaOS4 Beta-Tester
Amiga X5000 8GB Radeon RX 560
Amiga A1222 2GB Radeon RX 550
Sam 460 2GB RadeonRX 550

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